Victoria Webster, a busy mom and psychotherapist, keeps it bright and simple during the day

Victoria Webster has worn several (ultra-fashionable) hats over the years: a writer on the Kelly Ripa sitcom Hope and Faith, a board member of the Power Plant gallery and the organizing chair for the Toronto Public Library’s Biblio Bash. Her most recent pursuit is completely different: she’s working on a body-centred psychotherapy program at the Institute of Core Energetics in New York. A mother of three school-aged kids, Webster describes her daily look as “pre-coffee. I go for the rolled-out-of-bed look,” she says. “I can never wear heels or makeup before 4 p.m.” When she does go out, she’s drawn to eccentric pieces with strong colours and patterns, and clothes that can double as works of art. “I fell in love with these Christian Louboutin cork heels with gold spikes,” she says. “Then when I wore them, I couldn’t walk in them. It was so embarrassing. I was hobbled.” Still, it wasn’t a complete loss. “I still have the shoes. I just like to look at them.”

Her Current Obsessions

Gucci mules
“I always have cold feet, but I love being barefoot. This is a way to sort of be barefoot.”

Céline bags
“I try to collect them from different cities that I go to, so I have a purse to remind me of trips to, say, Rome or Barcelona.”

Anita Ko lion pendant necklace
“I’m drawn to animal-inspired pieces.”

Pink Tartan blazer
“I love a really tailored blazer with a hippie dress underneath.”



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