Cherie Balch, the woman behind Shrimpton Couture, feels her best in a ball gown

Cherie Balch changes her look on a weekly basis. “It depends on the latest thing that has come into the shop!” she says, referring to Shrimpton Couture, her online vintage boutique that focuses on higher-end pieces. Fans from around the world go to Shrimpton when looking for an authentic flapper dress with beaded details, vintage couture and contemporary designer consignment. Every piece is selected according to Balch’s exacting criteria: the original level of quality, present condition and what she calls “that magical it factor.” Balch started Shrimpton Couture in 2006 as a side project, selling items from her own closet online, but was able to quit her corporate day job and focus on the shop full-time in 2008. Having a career where she can get away with wearing whatever she wants is a huge plus. “If you told me I had to get dressed for a ball, I could be out the door in two minutes flat, but if I have to go with casual jeans and a T-shirt, I’ll change like, 80 times,” she laughs. “My comfort zone is definitely the ball gowns.”

Her Current Obsessions

Gucci sunglasses
“These are pricy but worth the investment. I wear them all the time, and they are the perfect strong finish to any vintage look.”

“Fortnight is a local Toronto brand that is my go-to for modern lingerie that fits perfectly.”

Saint Laurent Candy platform sandal
“My favourite. They come in every colour and print imaginable. I know—I own most of them. ”

Dior AirFlash foundation
“This is a game changer. It gives smooth coverage, lasts and applies like a breeze.”


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