Toronto’s Best Dressed: Richard Lambert

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Richard Lambert

The west-end club king spills his innermost style secrets

Richard Lambert
(Image: Evaan Kheraj)

He’s the co-owner of some of Toronto’s rowdiest hot spots, including Parts and Labour, the Hoxton, and the Dog and Bear. And he dresses the part with panache. We asked Lambert to reflect on his fearless sense of style. Here’s what he told us.

I’d describe my look as…

Somewhat ostentatious. I’ve always got a tan. I like gold chains. And I’m usually wearing something flashy—whether it’s huge sunglasses or ridiculous sneakers.

The gaudiest outfit I’ve ever worn was…

White Gucci snow boots, a white bomber jacket and white Prada shades—to match my white BMW. It was 2005 and I was 25. I’ve mellowed in my old age.

I’ll never wear…

Birkenstocks. Ugh.

My go-to Toronto stores are…

Serpentine, Nomad, Harry Rosen, and Jonathan and Olivia.

I deeply regret…

All the beautiful things I’ve destroyed. I had an amazing Jil Sander sweater with a mermaid on the front. I put a hole in it while changing a keg.

I get a lot of flack for wearing…

Sweatpants in public. I think it’s perfectly reasonable, especially on weekends, but people like to bust my balls.

My Stuff

Bold Shades
“Dita Grandmaster frames come in four styles—I have them all.” $1,100. Spectacle, 752 Queen St. W., 416-603-0123.
Leather Wallet
“Il Bussetto makes great billfolds. I love the simple design.” $163. Zane, 124 Cumberland St., 647-350-9263.
Hair Gel
“Kevin Murphy’s Night Rider doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing Dippity-do.” $26. W Lifestyle, 721 Queen St. W., 416-361-9777.
Leather Jacket
“A well-made leather jacket instantly dresses up any outfit.” Himel Brothers custom jacket, $2,250.

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