Toronto’s Best Dressed: Emmanuel Farré, Loding’s shoe specialist

Toronto's Best Dressed: Emmanuel Farré, Loding's shoe specialist
Farré, at the historic James Cooper mansion on Linden Street, wears a vintage Guy Laroche jacket, a panama hat from Stetson and Loding monkstraps with a purplish-blue patina (Photograph by Evaan Kheraj)

Emmanuel Farré travelled the world in his youth as a navigator with the French navy. Since landing in Toronto last December, he’s made some acute observations about the sartorial sensibilities of Canadian men. “I’ve seen gentlemen with nice suits, like you see in Paris,” he concedes—but the shoes are the big problem. Luckily, he adds, “I am here, so I can help you!” Farré creates antique-looking patinas for men’s dress shoes, transforming staid blacks and browns into lustrous shades of royal purple or TD green. He came to Canada at the invitation of Yannick Bigourdan, the owner of the Yorkville boutique Loding, and he plies his trade from a workshop at the back of the store. On the street, he can sometimes hear people laugh at what he’s wearing, but he’s not bothered. “If you decide to wear this kind of outfit,” he says in his thick French accent, “you really have to wear it.”

My Stuff

Gatsby Cap
“It’s a timeless style, and the shape is extremely unique.” Benson tweed wool cap, $98. Goorin Bros., 320 Queen St. W., 416-408-4287.

Classic Chinos
“I’ve lost weight since moving to Toronto, so I had to buy new pants. I love Zara’s chinos—the quality of the cotton is great.” $50. Zara, various locations.

Houndstooth Coat
“The style reminds me of Roger Moore in the Persuaders series. It’s an ideal piece for fall.” Polo houndstooth sport coat, $440.

Elegant Watch
“Cartier’s Tank watches have pure lines and beautiful details. Mine is vintage.” $10,500. Cartier, 131 Bloor St. W., 416-413-4929.

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