Toronto’s Best Dressed: Ossington shop Tiger of Sweden’s co-owner Avi Raphael

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Ossington shop Tiger of Sweden’s co-owner Avi Raphael

The Ossington haberdasher spills his innermost style secrets

Avi Raphael. Photograph by Evaan Kheraj

Tiger of Sweden co-owner Avi Raphael credits his aesthetic arc to Steven Slavin, his now-partner in clothing distributor Slavin Raphael. We asked him to reflect on his fine-tuned fashion sense.

I would define my look as…

Evolutionary. It changes every season—one of the many benefits of being in the fashion business.

My favourite childhood outfit was…

My superhero Underoos. On many mornings, the struggle between Superman and Batman was real.

I’d break the bank for…

A pair of shoes for my wife. It’s already happened on a few occasions, especially when they have red soles.

I’ll never wear…

Shorts and shoes with visible socks. I am now a dad but vow to never dress like one.

I never leave home without…

My daughter telling me I look good. She’s nine years old. She knows.

Me & G. Father daughter hangs @samjamescoffeebar photo cred to @mitchelraphael. My girl is all grown up.

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I’m seriously offended by…

People who say no to trying new things. “I can’t wear that” is my most-hated phrase.

My Stuff

“If your feet aren’t tingling by day’s end, they aren’t skinny enough!” $195.
“My Polish grandfather used to sell barber supplies. He left behind boxes of these combs. I use them daily and think of him.
“This Japanese brand reinvented sandals in the freshest way I have ever seen.” $160.
“This amazing L.A. brand has created a board short using Econyl, which is a new fabric made from recycled fishing nets and other nylon waste.” $121.

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