Toronto’s Best Dressed: Runway model Aluad Anei

Toronto’s Best Dressed: Runway model Aluad Anei

The five-foot-11 model shares her innermost style secrets

Aluad Anei
(Image: Evaan Kheraj)

She’s strutted down runways from New York to Johannesburg, and appeared in the pages of Elle and Marie Claire. Off camera, she’s a master of mixing bold colours and prints. We asked Anei to reflect on her vibrant style. Here’s what she said.

My style guru is…

Grace Jones. She used to scare the hell out of me. But as I came into my own, wearing what I wanted, she became my icon.

I deeply regret…

the poufy braids I used to have. I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s not a look I intend to revisit.

I’ll sacrifice comfort for…

a pair of gorgeous oversized earrings.

My favourite childhood outfit was…

a frilly dress with white ankle socks and patent leather shoes. I grew up in Egypt, and I didn’t even own a pair of pants until I immigrated to Canada.

My favourite grown-up outfit is…

boots, fishnets, a denim skirt, a colourful headscarf and a great leather jacket.

I’m always on the hunt for…

shoes that fit. I’ve got size 10 feet, so it’s a challenge.

I’m offended by…

Ugg boots. It’s impossible to wear them without waddling.


Black Lipstick
“It balances my skin tone and gives my face a boost.” NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in chambord, $5.99. FTB Beauty, 797 King St. W., 1-866-994-9192.
Hand Cream
“I’ve loved Bath and Body Works’ Japanese cherry blossom cream for as long as they’ve made it.” $5. Bath and Body Works, various locations.
Handcrafted Necklace
“I bought it from a street artist in Spain. It’s made out of brass and silver.”
Neutral Pumps
“I’ve always loved heels—three, four, even six inches. These BCBG pumps are my favourites right now.” $60.

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