Toronto’s Best Dressed: Dan Levy

Toronto's Best Dressed: Dan Levy
(Photograph by Evaan Kheraj)

He’s got a hit TV show, his own eyewear line and a cocked-brow swagger that lets him get away with anything. So he wears what he wants—whether it’s wool joggers or a really great suit. We asked the actor about his sartorial inspirations (and regrets). Here’s what he said.

I’m influenced by…

Tokyo street style. There’s an ease to the way people wear their clothes there, no matter how crazy or simple the outfit.

The most important thing in a guy’s wardrobe is…

His shoes. They’re a litmus test for how his mind works. Start with a good shoe and everything else follows.

My favourite childhood outfit was…

Jean shorts and a white T-shirt. That was my uniform for basically all of elementary school. It’s still in rotation.

I paid an exorbitant sum for…

My Prada studded brogues. I was working at MTV at the time. It was close to a full paycheque.

My biggest bargain ever was…

A Saint Laurent military tuxedo jacket that I got on eBay for $200. It’s a $2,000 jacket.

I’ll never live down…

The gigantic frames I wore on MTV. They looked like clown glasses.


My Stuff

Varsity Jacket
“I’ve always liked the look, and this is the best of the best.” Saint Laurent Teddy jacket, $3,178.

Eye Mask
“An absolute lifesaver, especially when we have to shoot Schitt’s Creek early in the morning.”
Signs mask by SK-II. $115.

Eau de Cologne
“My favourite smell.” Byredo’s Oud Immortel, with wood and lemon notes, $155 for 50 mL.
Holt Renfrew
50 Bloor St. W.,

Wool Joggers
“I picked them up when I was in New York this past fall and haven’t taken them off since.” Seth wool joggers, $149.

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