The best cheap eats in Toronto, according to the city’s chefs

The best cheap eats in Toronto, according to the city’s chefs

Including $3 barbecue pork buns and $4 Jamaican patties

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Anthony Rose, co-owner of Fat Pasha, Fet Zun and Schmaltz Appetizing

Anthony Rose

Co-owner, Fat Pasha, Fet Zun, Schmaltz Appetizing

“I could eat Free Times Cafe’s latkes with sour cream and applesauce all day long—they’re some of the best in the city.” $8.50 for three

Nuit Regular, chef and co-owner of Pai, Kiin, Chaiyo and Sukhothai

Nuit Regular

Chef and co-owner, Pai, Kiin, Chaiyo, Sukhothai

“Whenever I’m at Gerrard Square, I always grab a few barbecue pork buns from Kin-Kin Bakery. They make for a quick and delicious snack.” $3 each

Kate Chomyshyn, co-owner and chef of Fonda Balam

Kate Chomyshyn

Co-owner and chef, Fonda Balam

“The rice balls at Omusubi Bar Suzume are the perfect lunch. They have multiple flavours in meat and veg.” $4 each

Ann Kim, co-owner of Donna’s

Ann Kim

Co-owner, Donna’s and Golden Peacock

Fiesta Farms bundles the ends of different cheeses and meats for around $5. Tack on one of the Blackbird baguettes, and that’s a decent, affordable snack board.” $10 or less

Michael Lam, chef and co-owner of Good Behaviour

Michael Lam

Chef and co-owner, Good Behaviour

Gaucho Pie Co.’s crispy empanadas are perfectly crafted. Each one has a unique crimping pattern, offering delightful variation.” $3.75 each

David Schwartz

David Schwartz

Co-owner and chef, Sunnys and Mimi Chinese

“I love any meat roasted on a vertical spit—and jerk chicken is something I eat often—so Chris Jerk’s chicken shawarma wrap is perfect for me.” $9.50

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Victor Ugwueke

Victor Ugwueke

Owner and chef, Afrobeat Kitchen

“Trying a patty at Caribbean Queen of Patties for the first time was a revelation. They’re full of juicy meat—no grey paste here—in a freshly baked pastry shell. Ms. Georgina makes each one all by herself. She’s a legend.” $4 each

David Adjey

David Adjey

Owner and chef, Bouffe by Adjey

“The quesabirria and consomé from Taqueria El Valiente is the ultimate soup and sandwich. After you devour the taco—with the consomé bowl held under your mouth to catch every dropped morsel—you can slam the remaining liquid.” $9

Conor Joerin

Conor Joerin

Co-owner Sugo and Bar Sugo

“The bo la lot at 416 Snack Bar is a small dish with big flavour. Lemongrass beef is wrapped in betel leaf, then grilled. It’s a classic Vietnamese snack that’s hard to find— and a steal at $10.”