Inside the new 25,000-square-foot Eataly at Sherway Gardens

Inside the new 25,000-square-foot Eataly at Sherway Gardens

Toronto’s second location of the Italian emporium opens November 2

The entrance to Eataly's new Sherway Gardens location

Four years after Canada’s first-ever Eataly opened at Bay and Bloor, we’re getting a second outpost—and this one, located in what was once a Pickle Barrel, comes with free parking. That makes us one of only two cities in North America to house more than one of the Italian-food meccas. In fact, by early next year, we’ll have three—a Don Mills location is also currently in the works. Why all this investment in Toronto? According to Tommaso Brusò, CEO of Eataly North America, “Toronto is where we want to be. The GTA is growing, and the people here have a great appreciation for good food.”

A directory points the way to all the different sections of the new Eataly inside Sherway Gardens

At 25,000 square feet, the Sherway Gardens location is half the size of the Yorkville flagship, but that doesn’t make shopping there any less overwhelming—and we mean that in the best way possible. The market boasts an enormous grocery selection, a mozzarella lab, a cheesemonger, a deli, four quick-service counters (for baked goods, coffee, gelato and pastries) and two sit-down restaurants. It’s a cornucopia of Italian comestibles that’s best enjoyed with an espresso or Barolo in hand. That’s right, the entire space is licensed, which means you can sip while shopping.

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Toronto just became the second city in North America to house more than one Eataly. The Italian emporium’s sprawling new spot at Sherway Gardens includes two sit-down restaurants, four quick-service counters and a massive grocery store. For the rest of the tour, check out #torontorestaurants #italianrestaurant #eatalytoronto

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There are 363 seats spread across the space. Hungry visitors have the option of a formal sit-down meal at one of the two dine-in restaurants, Il Pastaio or La Pizza e La Pasta. For something a little more casual, customers can settle in at one of these high-tops. (Come spring 2024, a patio will add another 90 seats.)

The light-filled dining room at Sherway Gardens' Eataly location

Some of the 363 seats at Sherway Gardens new Eataly location

Two-top bar tables at Eataly Sherway Gardens

The bar counter at Il Pastaio inside Eataly Sherway Gardens

This glass-encased island of cheese and cured meats is stocked with about 200 different items (many of which are DOPs), including 300-day-aged gorgonzolas and rare parmigiano reggianos such as Vacche Rosse, made from the milk of heritage-breed red cows. The cheese selection will change seasonally, so over the course of a year, 500 varieties will make their way into this vitrine.

An Eataly team member works the salumi and formaggi counter at the Sherway Gardens location

The salumi and formaggi counter at Eataly

An Eataly team member behind the meat and cheese counter

The salumi selection is a mix of cured meats from Italy and Ontario, with the bulk of the offerings coming from the Boot. Expect to find Italy’s most famous DOP prosciutto crudos (Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto San Daniele, Prosciutto di Modena, Prosciutto Toscano, Prosciutto di Carpegna), some of which are aged for up to 30 months, as well as decadent charcuterie-board musts like Gran Biscotto Rovagnati al Tartufo, a truffle-studded prosciutto cotto.

A closeup of whole prosciutto legs at Eataly

A fridge full of prepackaged cured meat at Eataly

Those with a predilection for fresh cheese will gravitate toward the mozzarella lab, where fior di latte, burrata and stracciatella are made throughout the day. Not into Canadian curds? Eataly also carries freshly flown-in mozzarella di bufala and burrata.

An Eataly team member makes fresh mozzarella

Balls of freshly made mozzarella at Eataly

The cheese fridge at Eataly is stocked with all kinds of Italian-imported products

The wine section, populated with about 500 labels, stocks bottles from all 20 Italian wine regions, including Tuscany (Brunello, Sangiovese) and Piedmont (Barolo, Nebbiolo). They also carry amari, vermouth, aperitivi and spirits—all Italian, of course. However, because the location has a restaurant license, customers buying bottles to go must also purchase food. There are also fridges lined with chilled beer and wine.

Eataly Sherway Gardens beer and wine fridges

More than 100 different dried pasta varieties are sold here. Customers will find everything from gluten-free noodles to rare pasta shapes, like busiate (a long, spiralled Sicilian pasta) and pici (a thick hand-rolled pasta, kind of like a fat spaghetti, from Tuscany), as well as ones flavoured with things like lemon, truffle, chili and cuttlefish ink.

A selection of dry pasta at Eataly

More than two dozen fresh pastas—a mix of filled, flat and bronze-extruded—are also made on site. Highlights include black truffle agnolotti, prosciutto ravioli, chitarra, lumache and gnocchi.

Workers make fresh pasta at Eataly

An Eataly team member makes fresh, stuffed pasta at the new Sherway Gardens location

Freshly made pasta at Eataly

In the grab-and-go fridges, customers will find heat-and-eat meals, including fresh pastas, sauces, meatballs, soups, sides and snacks.

Containers of olives, pickled peppers, lupini beans and eggplant line the fridge shelves at Eataly

The mercato features hundreds of products, including hard-to-find extra-virgin olive oil, Modena’s best balsamic vinegars, exquisite tomato sauces (we’re partial to the stuff made from yellow tomatoes), and an extensive selection of chocolates and cookies.

Shoppers browse Eataly's shelves of Italian-imported products in the market section

The mercato at Eataly is stocked with Italian-imported goods

Balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, Italy

A fridge filled with drinks at Eataly in Sherway Gardens

For the holidays, the store will stock 40 different kinds of panettone, including Eataly’s brand-new line of the sweet bread, which comes in four flavours: classic, orange-and-chocolate, pistachio cream and pandoro.

Boxes of Eataly's own house-made panettone

La Panetteria and Pizza alla Pala is just one of the four quick-service food counters. Here, they make panini and Roman pizza: thick-crusted, bakery-style pies made from hand-stretched, long-fermented dough. The pizzas are cooked at exactly 581°F in an electric Moretti oven with a stone floor. This is also where you’ll find all the freshly baked bread, including 10 different types of focaccia.

The Pizza Alla Pala counter at Eataly's new Sherway Gardens location

A closeup of pizza alla pala, Roman-style pizza

Freshly made panini at Eataly in Toronto

La Pasticceria, the pastry counter, is where you’ll find Eataly’s many just-made sweet treats, including tiramisu, biscotti, cannoli, panna cotta, cakes, cornetti and more. It’s located right next to Il Gran Caffè for a perfect mid-afternoon pairing.

The pastry counter at Eataly's new Sherway Gardens location

Here’s the fourth food counter: a gelato bar with more than a dozen rotating flavours (all made with local Ontario milk) on offer year-round.

A closeup of strawberry gelato a Eataly

There are only two other Il Pastaio restaurants among Eataly’s nearly 50 locations. The fresh pasta–focused restaurant will double as a school, with classes to start next year. That’s why there’s a mirror behind the cooks—it allows diners to get a better glimpse of how the magic is made.

Bar seats at Il Pastaio, one of the sit-down restaurants inside Eataly's new Toronto location

Agnolotti del plin are filled with roasted veal shank and served in a veal sugo with soffritto, escarole, house-made Italian sausage and parmigiano reggiano. $29

A bowl of agnolotti at Eataly

Malloreddus alla Campidanese (a shell-shaped, hand-rolled semolina pasta infused with saffron) is served in a sausage ragu and topped with pecorino Romano. $27

A bowl of malloreddus alla campidanese at Eataly

Fans of the flagship location will be familiar with La Pizza e la Pasta, what Eataly calls its “signature experience.” The pizza-and-pasta concept is found in all North American Eataly locations.

The entrance to La Pizza e La Pasta, one of the sit-down restaurants inside Eataly's new Sherway Gardens location

Eataly team members take a break from making pizza

The pizzas served at La Pizza e la Pasta are all Neapolitan style. This one’s a margherita, baked in a 900°F wood-fired oven fuelled by oak and beech logs. The kitchen can crank out hundreds of these every day, as the oven can fit about six pies at a time and each one takes around a minute to bake. $19

A pizzaiolo at Eataly tosses dough to make a pizza

A finished pizza is taken out of the wood-fired oven at Eataly

The primi options will include familiar pastas such as spaghetti cacio e pepe ($25), tagliatelle alla bolognese ($29) and spaghetti al pomodoro ($18).

A bowl of cacio e pepe from La Pizza e La Pasta, one of Eataly's sit-down restaurants

A bowl of tagliatella alla bolognese at Eataly

A bowl of spaghetti al pomodoro at Eataly

Here’s one of the secondi: a grilled Mediterranean branzino served with Taggiasca olives, capers and chopped tomatoes. $49

A whole grilled branzino

This PEI rib-eye steak is a show-stopper. It’s accompanied by crispy parmigiano reggiano potatoes. $44

A ribeye steak and potatoes at Eataly Sherway Gardens

In celebration of the restaurant’s newly launched house panettone, it will offer the iconic holiday confection as a dessert item, served with a choice of whipped mascarpone, chocolate sauce or Chantilly cream.

A closeup of Eataly's panettone