Toronto’s 50 Most Influential: #15, Marie Henein

Toronto’s 50 Most Influential: #15, Marie Henein

Marie Henein Photograph by Markian Lozowchuk

Marie Henein

Lawyer, Henein Hutchison

15Getting Jian Ghomeshi acquitted was nothing unusual for the go-to criminal defence lawyer for Toronto’s highest-profile defendants. During the trial, much of the public scorn was directed not just at Ghomeshi but at Henein—a woman defending a man accused of sexual assault. Among her most outspoken critics, she was branded an opportunist. Henein wasn’t—and isn’t—easily cowed. “I would have quit this job a long time ago if I was listening and waiting for people’s approval,” she said to Peter Mansbridge a day after the Ghomeshi verdict was announced.

Friends in high places:

Warren Winkler, former chief justice of Ontario, and Smug, a renowned Glasgow-based graffiti artist she hired to paint a wall in her firm’s office.

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