Professors of pot

Professors of pot

It’s a stoner’s dream come true: 
you can finally major in marijuana. Here are four post-secondary institutions that have cannabis 
on the curriculum

Illustration by Katie Dockrill/
Western University

The course: Marijuana Law and Practice
The professor: Hugo Alves
Alves is a former partner at Bennett Jones, one of the country’s go-to legal advisory teams for the cannabis market. (He’s worked with about half of the country’s licensed producers.) His course covers the battle to legalize medical marijuana and famous charter challenges to Canadian cannabis laws.

Ryerson University

The course: Business of Cannabis
The professor: Brad Poulos
In 2015, serial entrepreneur Brad Poulos sought a new industry to work in, eventually settling on weed. (Blockchain and drones were runners-up.) His 13-week crash course includes lectures on design, start-up principles and retail guidelines for cannabis.

Loyalist College

The course: Cannabis Formulation and Product Development
The professor: Monica Vialpando
Loyalist is the first Ontario institution to offer a graduate-level cannabis science program. In Vialpando’s course, students learn about the polypharmacy of the cannabis plant, formulation chemistry and methods of administration (such as dermal, sublingual and suppository).

Niagara College

The course: Biology and Evolution of Cannabis
The professor: Bill MacDonald
MacDonald has worked in greenhouses since he was in his teens, and has consulted for aspiring cannabis producers since 2013. His syllabus includes the origins of cannabis, its migration from Asia to Canada, the politicization of the plant and the biological principles of its cultivation.



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