Who you gonna call? These pot professionals have kushy jobs

Who you gonna call? These pot professionals have kushy jobs

The accountants, lawyers and ad agencies carving out a niche in the buzz biz

The PR Firm

RNMKR: Before founding RNMKR (that’s pronounced “rainmaker,” by the way), CEO Corey Herscu suffered from ADHD and anxiety. And where medication didn’t work for him, CBD did—and he wanted to spread the word. RNMKR offers PR and brand strategy services.

Clients: Origin House, Robes Cannabis, Block Strain and BRNT Designs (who had one of their stylish bongs featured in Rolling Stone’s latest holiday gift guide).

The Ad Agency

Crowns: Last March, serial entrepreneur Rebecca Brown launched this full-service agency exclusive to the weed industry. Her offerings include branding, marketing and media planning for growers and retail companies.

Clients: Flowr and 1 Leaf.

The Law Firm

Lewin & Sagara LLP: Toronto-based Paul Lewin is the city’s only defence lawyer entirely devoted to cannabis. From his office on the Danforth, Lewin advises individuals, small businesses and licensed producers on anything from cannabis-related criminal charges to dispensary regulation and AGCO retail applications.

Clients: Canna clinics and private growers.


MNP: Since 2013, Glenn Fraser has led MNP’s cannabis team, which provides accounting, assurance, audits, tax work and corporate finance
to more than 150 companies in the industry.

Clients: Canadian mega-producers Aurora, Cronos, Aphria and, more locally, Supreme.



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