Reasons to Love Toronto Now

Twenty-five things that make us deliriously happy to live here in 2022, including the new and improved Massey Hall, gelato tasting tours, cool new cocktail bars, life-saving drones and phenomenal homegrown soccer stars

Let’s be honest. The past couple of years? Not super fun. Life in Toronto, normally an embarrassment of culinary and cultural riches, became an endless hamster wheel of work, Uber Eats and late-night doomscrolling. Even as the city reopens, the lingering threat of Covid is making it hard to be unequivocally optimistic.

Still, there are plenty of reasons to look on the bright side. Toronto is the most vaccinated major city in the world, and it’s ready to make up for lost time. Sidewalk patios are filling up. The High Park cherry blossoms are blooming (and we don’t mean on a livestream). Music is filling Massey Hall again. The Jays are the team to beat this season, and stupendous soccer players from the GTA are taking Canada to the World Cup. There are new menus to eat through and old friends to see. All those weddings, concerts and festivals that got postponed, and then postponed again—they’re finally happening.

We’re not out of this mess yet, but as we slowly remove our masks and tiptoe back into the world, we can’t help but jitter with excitement. This year, more than ever, we’re ready to appreciate all that Toronto has to offer, precisely because it’s been so long since we could truly take it all in.

Reasons to Love Toronto Now

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