Street Style: Honest Ed’s farewell weekend

By Jean Grant| Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

Toronto bid farewell to Honest Ed’s this weekend with a crazy art maze, a craft market and a few rowdy parties, all organized by the Centre for Social Innovation. During the four-day extravaganza, Torontonians popped in to pay their respects to the iconic building, in eclectic outfits that would have made Mr. Mirvish proud. Here, some of our favourite looks, featuring a lot of awesome vintage finds, storied hand-me-downs and even a stolen item or two.

Gabbi Charron-Merritt

29, Music teacher “My grandmother made this coat and the vest underneath it—most of what I wear is homemade. The skirt says ‘You are the light that lights up my life.’ It was outside a shop at Queen and Ossington last summer; it was the owner’s and she didn’t want it anymore.”    

Brennyn Bauer

25, Arts manager “My style is somewhere between vintage, modern and hippie. I bought this dress yesterday because I was feeling kinda down and wanted to make myself feel better.”    

Taylah Harris-Mungo

25, Social worker “I came to a 1930s-themed party at Honest Ed’s years ago, and I bought white suspenders and a white tie. I walked out feeling awesome.”    

John Maguire

52, Art dealer “My style is eclectic. I’ve been obsessed with Honest Ed’s for a while, and I’m here selling art. I bought this T-shirt at a closing sale a few months ago.”    

Sasha Zack

21, Shop supervisor “I hate shopping, so I wear a lot of hand-me-downs. I’m wearing a Canadian tuxedo today and I think it’s working? The jacket wasn’t necessarily stolen, but it was left behind at a bar and the manager gave it to me.”    

Anya Mielniczek

27, Artist “I wear whatever floats my boat. I like quality pieces with character and soul that have some history. I also like to upcycle and remake things, like cut-up shirts. These shoes are from my best friend’s mom—I love that they were already worn-in.”    

V Mariano

27, Sales rep “I’d describe my style as a form of self-expression that changes every day. Today I was feeling blue and naughty.”    

Nikki Bagheri

25, Photographer and musician “My style is discordant. It’s basically all stuff that was passed down from my mom. Today I was just trying to protect myself from the windchill.”    

Tanisha Piper

26, Sales rep “I’m really androgynous. I like to mix it up by dressing really femme, then adding a nice button-up or baggy pants. I’m obsessed with spiders right now and recently got a bunch of spider tattoos. I bought this ring from a shop on Queen called Durumi.”    

Trung Hoang

42, Gallery brander “My look is all-black everything. I like to support local street brands, but I wear the same black jeans every day—Levi’s 510s. My jacket and hat were designed by my friend’s brand Dope Society.”    

Kareem Wright

33, Production assistant “I’m just wearing the most comfortable thing that was available to me.”    

Nicole Manek

Designer “My look is rainy day explorer meets Rhoda.”    

Chris Roberts

48, Stylist and Leslieville Flea co-founder “This kimono was a $3 Value Village find. I made the T-shirt myself and crafted the bracelet from a vintage Ontario license plate.”


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