The Jays are back. Here’s what their die-hard fans wore to celebrate the first home opener in three years

The Jays are back. Here’s what their die-hard fans wore to celebrate the first home opener in three years

As the Blue Jays’ much-anticipated season kicked off on Friday, eager blue-and-white-adorned fans packed the Rogers Centre, ready to cheer on their team. From Paul Molitor jerseys to luchador masks, here are some of the faithful’s best looks at the first home opener since March 2019.


Diane Miller, a 61-year-old retiree

“I collect Blue Jays-themed pins throughout the year and create a new hat for every season.”


Davion Bharose, a 25-year-old operations rep, and Saurob Ahmed, a 31-year-old corporate security investigator

Davion: “I’m probably going to shed a tear as soon as things get started. I’ve been waiting for a long time.”


Joe Johnson, a 55-year-old database programmer

“I remember going to games at Exhibition Stadium—it was cold when the wind was coming off the lake. People complain about the Dome, but I like it.”


Ethan Musgrave and Oliver Joon, both 13-year-old students

Oliver: “It’s really exciting, I’ve missed it a lot.”


Luis Escobar, the 34-year-old owner of a recruitment business, and Laura Martin, a 35-year-old mortgage broker

Luis: “My nickname is Blue Jay Mysterio Jr., and I am here to strike fear into all Blue Jays’ opponents.”


Rosalind Crawford, a 68-year old retiree

“I’ve been so excited that I haven’t slept for three nights. My nails are decked out, I’ve got my pouch, my mask—everything is Blue Jays. We’re going all the way.”


Odaine Lloyd Davidson, the 40-year-old owner of Tata Hot Sauce Emporium

“I’m just bumping right now. This is my city, and I love to represent for all my Toronto teams. It’s like Christmas Day to me.”


Janelle Head, a 32-year-old hospital unit manager

“I’m from Grand Prairie, Alberta, and my Jays hat comes from our little sports store there. I found this sweater today when I was out and about.”


Christine Harnett, a 42-year-old bakery manager, and Danny Harnett, a 46-year-old sports merchandiser

Danny: “I’m wearing a 1994 game-worn Molitor jersey. I have a collection of jerseys and Christine can’t stand it.”


Andy Patrick, a 40-year-old art director, and Jeremy Devall, a 43-year-old product manager

Andy: “We’re excited to get these guys to a game and have a bit of fun. Though it is a bit cold to be wearing a jersey.”