Street Style: A dozen chic looks from the new Toronto Fashion Week

Street Style: A dozen chic looks from the new Toronto Fashion Week

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Toronto Fashion Week is back—meaning so are the event’s enviably-dressed attendees. This time, the city’s fashion insiders and “influencers” gathered at a gargantuan, transparent tent in the heart of Yorkville. The scene was less peacock-y than years past, with a mish-mash of skin-tight frocks and stilettos, avant-garde designer gear and laid-back, couldn’t-care-less basics. Here, some of our favourite looks:

Dorian Rahimzadeh

29, Fashion designer/influencer
“I made my pants with some leather detailing. I paired them with an Open Ceremony shirt and Vetements jacket, which I wore because of the rain. My style is bold and different. It all depends on my mood.”

Sarah Kanbar

26, Public relations specialist
“Honestly I go for whatever’s comfortable. Today I wore something a bit more vibrant and with a fall feel.”

Liz Trinnear

29, TV host
“I’m on my way to a Jean Paul Gaultier interview, and because of the weather I opted for something quick, easy, fashionable and comfortable. Nothing is worse than doing an interview in something you don’t feel confident in.”

Katie Mcbride, a.k.a. Frankie

27, DJ
“I really like vintage stuff mixed with basics. I wear things with character and try to play them up as much as the occasion calls for. I actually got these shoes for free from Nordstrom after I played a gig for them. I love them because I never would have bought them for myself.”

Gozde Yolac Savas

33, Sales and marketing director
“Since I’m pregnant I’m looking for freedom with style and comfort. Oh, and black is key.”

Rebecca Zavaleta

36, Agency owner, blogger
“My style is very eclectic. I always put comfort first, and only wear heels when I have to. I mix high and low pieces with whimsical elements. A white tee and jeans is my go-to look, but today I tossed on a seafoam dress just for fun.”

Sadie Ames

23, Model/student
“My look is a little boyish and a little casual. My dad is weirdly obsessed with orange and loved that I wore this scarf. This is the first time I’ve bleached my eyebrows. I like them, but they kinda hurt.”

Jana Gracia

20, Photographer
“My style is somewhere between masculine and feminine. It’s however my inner self feels. My best friend gave me the suspenders and the boots were the first thing I bought with my own money.”

Juliana Kolesova

53, Artist
“These are my favourite pants. They used to be light grey, but when they got a spot I dyed them.”

Eva Kozlova

20, Student
“My style is a little edgy but always comfortable.”

Celeste Oliver

21, Model
“My style is relaxed, sporty and chic.”