A landscape designer’s current obsessions

A landscape designer’s current obsessions

Kim Price was an established graphic designer and illustrator before deciding to move into landscape design. She credits her previous careers with teaching her to be mindful of proportion, balance and colour, even across three dimensions. As a result, her gardens are known for their strong, structural designs that don’t sacrifice warmth or lushness. Take Hillside—a residential project that earned her a Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence—where Price ingeniously established multiple layers in the space, using reclaimed wood, steel and stonework overlaid with an abundance of greenery.


Stuff She Loves


Dogwood, a versatile shrub, has a lot of structure to it. Chinese flowering dogwood is especially hearty


The late poet Mary Oliver had a deep appreciation for the natural world


Alice Vander Vennen mixes new and archival materials, including fabrics, branches and wire, to tell a visual story through her art


Price designed these egg-shaped water elements for a residential project. Water gently cascades down the wall and over the eggs


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