What’s on the menu at Abrielle, a new Mediterranean restaurant inside the (also new) Sutton Place Hotel

What’s on the menu at Abrielle, a new Mediterranean restaurant inside the (also new) Sutton Place Hotel

Including better-than-average hotel breakfast

A spread of Mediterranean dishes and drinks at Abrielle inside the new Sutton Place Hotel

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Name: Abrielle
Contact: 355 King St. W., abrielle.ca, @abrielleto
Neighbourhood: King West
Owners: Ascari Hospitality Group and Northland Properties
Chefs: Chef Olivier Le Calvez (Casa Madera, El Catrin) and chef de cuisine Andrés Felipe Jaramillo (Alo, Alder)
Accessibility: Fully accessible
Housed in the historic Westinghouse building at the corner of King West and Blue Jays Way, Abrielle is part of the newly opened Sutton Place Hotel, which closed its Bay and Wellesley location in 2012. Abrielle serves as a destination for the hotel’s guests, of course, but managing partner Rahil Hoque would like it to function as an all-day hub for anyone, be they hotel guests or not: “You can stop in for a coffee in the morning, take out your laptop, have your scrambled eggs, meet a friend, maybe read a book, then come back later for happy hour or come back again at night for a DJ playing coastal Mediterranean house music.”

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The team at Abrielle, the restaurant inside the new Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto
From left: executive chef Olivier Le Calvez, managing partner Rahil Hoque and chef de cuisine Andrés Felipe Jaramillo


The food

The menu stays true to the Riviera experience, which means it highlights dishes from the south of France and Italy with a bit of influence from Spain and Greece thrown in here and there. “I’ve never used this much olive oil in my life,” says chef Le Calvez.

And “hotel breakfast” takes on a whole new meaning at Abrielle. Rather than the typical beige breakfast foods—pancakes, waffles, toast, cereal—the menu is full of colourful, elevated versions of classic morning meals, like a bacon-y croissant sandwich sided with a pretty-in-pink salad.

A breakfast croissant sandwich stuffed with peameal bacon and served with a side salad
The breakfast sandwich is a buttery croissant stuffed with thick-cut slices of peameal bacon and cheese and dressed with aioli verde. It comes with a salad of red oak lettuce, puffed quinoa and red radish tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. $19


Abrielle's shakshuka-like baked eggs
This shakshuka-adjacent baked dish features local organic eggs cooked in a blend of peppers, tomatoes, goat cheese and basil. $21


Abrielle's Huevos Rotos, a breakfast dish of potatoes and eggs
The Huevos Rotos brings two sunny-side-up eggs on a bed of Ibérico chorizo, piquillo peppers and crispy potatoes. $21


Pumpkin seed dip and grilled flatbread at Abrielle
The pumpkin seed trempette is a blend of roasted red pepper, sesame and a little bit of corn, amped up with herbs and spices. It comes with grilled flatbread. $14


Roasted heirloom carrots
These roasted Ontario heirloom carrots are perfectly paired with a spiced yogurt made from goat milk. $16


Octopus croquetas on spiced aïoli
These golden-brown croquetas sitting on dollops of spiced aioli are stuffed with octopus and Ibérico chorizo. $18


The red snapper at Abrielle in Toronto
This gorgeously rosy red snapper is fried on one side only, so the skin crisps up while the rest of the fish stays tender and flaky. $44


The drinks

A short list of floral and fruity signature cocktails as well as a by-the-bottle list of coastal wines. Fun fact: all of the wines available by the glass are made by female winemakers or come from woman-owned wineries.

The Spa Day cocktail at Abrielle
Spa Day is an early guest favourite. It’s made with Tanqueray gin, dry vermouth, St-Germain, fresh cucumber, lime, lavender bitters and egg white. It’s garnished with crushed rose petals. $23


A bartender at Abrielle pours liquor into a shot glass
Abrielle's bartender pours a cocktail from a shaker, through a strainer and into a coupe glass
The Mezcal Mirage cocktail at Abrielle
The Mezcal Mirage is a blend of tequila, amontillado, Sombra mezcal, charred-jalapeno syrup, grapefruit, lime, chocolate and mole bitters, and egg white. It tastes more chocolatey than it looks. $23


Abrielle's Santorini Smoke cocktail
The Santorini Smoke mixes Tanqueray with Taylor Fladgate port, fig liqueur, Cocchi Americano, Licor 43, dry curaçao, lemon cordial and cardamom. It’s served in a smoky cloche…


The cloche is lifted from the Santorini Smoke cocktail at Abrielle
…which is lifted at the table. $25


The space

Just like the food, the space is meant to be elevated but approachable to everyone—whether they’re hotel guests seeking a luxury experience or baseball fans hungry for pre- or post-game snacks.

Looking through the window of the Sutton Place Hotel

Toronto’s DesignAgency created three distinctive spaces within the main floor restaurant, each with their own energy. The sun-soaked room is perfect for Sunday brunch or getting some work done with a latte. The more formal dining area features floor-to-ceiling smoked-glass mirrors, a big marble bar, and lots of wood and leather. The third area sits right in front of the open kitchen and can be used as a private dining room for up to 40 guests.

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Another private dining room on the second floor can seat 25 people, and a separate ballroom venue can entertain parties of up to 150 people. Coming next year: a rooftop patio seven storeys up.

The main dining room of Abrielle

The bar at Abrielle, a Mediterranean restaurant inside the Sutton Place Hotel

A shot of the bar at Abrielle, a restaurant inside the new Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto

Some two-top tables inside Abrielle's main-floor dining room

The door to the Sutton Place Hotel and Abrielle, its restaurant