How a mother and daughter live in 729 square feet

How a mother and daughter live in 729 square feet

Sarah Rauch, 15, and Lisa Bechard, 52

Student; project and change management consultant

Where: Harbourfront
How much: $758,000
How big: 729 square feet

Most guests entering Lisa and Sarah’s home would immediately understand why they call the unit their “zen space.” They moved into it in 2015 with Lisa’s ex, Sarah’s father. When he and Lisa split, the mother-daughter duo worked together to make the condo interior feel restful and harmonious. Lisa took point on the overall design, and Sarah got to figure out her own bedroom. A few decisions were jointly made, like the choice to retire a huge dining table they barely used, in favour of a love seat.

To get the most out of the 10-foot ceilings and allow sunlight to flow throughout the apartment, Lisa decided to cap the heights of partition walls and big furniture at eight feet. There were no bedroom closets, so she built two of them, anticipating a lack of storage space. “I designed them with all kinds of space for shoes and jackets, since I collect winter coats,” Lisa says.

A huge part of the 10th-floor unit’s charm is in its expansive patio, which has views of the lake. Lisa fills it with plants during the warmer months. “In the summer, my friends and I spend all our time on the balcony soaking up the sun and enjoying the view,” Sarah says. “It becomes our cottage.”


The unit is decorated with items Lisa has collected during her travels:


Sarah’s bedroom was originally a den. She maximized her usable space by picking a compact daybed with built-in storage:


The main bathroom has pink walls. Its ornate knobs and mirrors are meant to reference the Moulin Rouge and Paris in the 1920s:


The kitchen has a Sub-Zero fridge and lots of counter space. Lisa had to buy special trays for the oven, because it’s smaller than the standard 30 inches. She installed corner cabinets for a little extra storage space:


And here’s the master bedroom:

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