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Cookbook author Amy Rosen takes Hanukkah inspiration from her bubbes

Three years ago, the James Beard Award–nominated writer Amy Rosen started selling her gooey cinnamon buns. Now it’s a full-time business: fans can buy her frozen buns at Pusateri’s. Rosen is also the author of five cookbooks: her latest, Kosher Style, came out this fall and features more than 100 takes on traditional Jewish recipes inspired by her grandmothers, including a festive latke and applesauce dish. Growing up, that dish was what she’d look forward to the most during the holidays. These days, Rosen and her family usually gather at their Lake Simcoe cottage for traditional celebrations with simple gifts, dreidel games and lots of singing around the menorah. “We’re old school; we never make it a big hoopla,” she says.

Her Holiday Traditions

“It’s nice when Judaica is treated with such reverence: a simple dreidel can become a work of art.”

“A menorah can be a beautiful showpiece. I love the muted tones of this one.”

“I love a quirky saying, and tea towels are the most useful gift you can give someone. They’re also essential for squeezing the water out of grated potatoes for latkes.”

“With the advent of the modern, over-the-top doughnut, you can go all out with sufganiyot flavours and toppings.”

“Wildhood does fabulous bunches of seasonal blooms. They’re the best quality I’ve found.”

“I’m personally against the Christmas-ification of Hanukkah, but a little felt garland never hurt anyone.”

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