The Craft Connoisseur

For interior designer Tiffany Pratt, Christmas is an excuse to haul out the glue gun

In Toronto’s restrained design landscape, Tiffany Pratt stands out for her obsession with rainbow hues: the cafés and restaurants she curates are filled with pops of fuchsia and tangerine. Pratt didn’t have storybook holidays growing up—she usually spent Christmas on the beach in Florida with her mom and sisters—and now she uses the season as an excuse to craft as much as possible. She makes all her own wrapping paper, and she surprises friends and family with tie-dyed socks and homemade bath bombs. And every Christmas Eve, she dreams up a DIY project for her family to do: in the past, they’ve decorated sugar cookies, built gingerbread houses and designed ornaments.

Her Holiday Traditions

“I’m planning to wear a vintage holiday corsage on my coat this year and hand them out to all my pals.”

“I make custom holiday cards with my graphic designer friend Janelle from Hello Dear. We always cook up something that’s very me.”


“I’ve always done a client gift. Last year, I made my own CXBO disco eggs for my clients. This year, I’m going to give out meringues from Marsha’s.”


“I pack a doggie stocking full of individually wrapped treats, and watch as my dachshund, Poppy, opens them and eats them.”


“Instead of going out to a bar and getting drunk on New Year’s Eve, I go to the Zen Buddhist Temple near Bathurst and St. Clair for the Kindling Light of Wisdom Heart ceremony.”


“I’m going to make a Christmas tree out of pampas grass this year. I can’t use lights or ornaments because Poppy knocks everything off.”

More Holiday Rituals