The Christmas Queen

Tynomi Banks celebrates the holidays with glittery gowns, ’90s pop music and an annual feast

Drag queen Tynomi Banks is one of Toronto’s most prolific performers: she struts, death-drops and twirls everywhere from drag brunches to the Power Ball. Banks—the supermodel alter ego of Sheldon McIntosh—works the party circuit right up until Christmas Eve. Then she shelves her stilettos and heads to her mom’s house in Whitby to watch old-school Christmas movies and gorge on a traditional feast—with a few Jamaican dishes on the side. On Christmas Day, Banks heads back to the city to dance to holiday songs at Woody’s. “For many people in the gay community, we’re their chosen family, so performing on Christmas means a lot to me.”

Her Holiday Traditions

“I love the bonfires and mulled wine at the Toronto Christmas Market.”

“When I wear my tinsel dress from H&M, I’m taking your man, your wife and your Christmas tree.”

“My mom spikes eggnog with nutmeg, cinnamon and rum. When I have some, I’m not driving home.”

“My blonde wig makes me feel like a biological woman the moment I put it on”

“People may judge me for listening to *NSYNC’s Home for Christmas album, but trust me, it’s so good.”

“Lush’s Christmas bath bombs are great for a soak in the tub after a three-hour dance show in heels.”

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