What’s on the menu at Woofdawg, a new takeout counter in the west end serving house-made hot dogs

What’s on the menu at Woofdawg, a new takeout counter in the west end serving house-made hot dogs

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Name: Woofdawg Hotdog
Contact: 1357 Dundas St. W., woofdawg.com, @woofdawghotdog
Neighbourhood: Little Portugal
Chef-owner: Stephen Payne
Outdoor seating: None
COVID-19 safety measures: Strict mask policy for staff and patrons, frequent sanitization, one person or household allowed inside at a time
Accessibility: Fully accessible; no washroom

The food

WoofDawg—formerly known as KungFu Dawg—was once a beloved Ossington hot dog cart. Its new standalone restaurant features most of the same menu items, the stars of which are chef Stephen Payne’s homemade, no-filler dogs with natural casings. They’re available in pork and beef, all beef, chicken, or veggie (all but the veggie are WoofDawg originals). The dogs are decked out with elaborate toppings, and are as much fun to look at as they are to eat. A few kinds of elaborately dressed fries are available on the side.

The Loaded Dog—topped with crunchy fennel slaw, spicy mayo, crispy onions, sweet corn relish, pickles, onions and jalapeños—is a fan favourite. For a nostalgic nosh, there’s a hand-dipped corn dog topped with cheddar cheese sauce, fresh corn, spicy mayo and green onions. And for traditionalists who want something (relatively) subdued, the classic dog comes dressed with purple sauerkraut, chopped dill pickles, onions, mustard and ketchup.

Original recipe, no-filler dogs with natural casings toasting to perfection alongside their buns, house-made chili, and ooey-gooey cheddar cheese sauce.


The Loaded Dawg lives up to its name. It’s piled high with crunchy fennel slaw, sweet corn relish, pickles, onions, and jalapeños before getting drizzled with house spicy mayo and topped with crispy onions. $8.


First, the Chili Cheese Crunch-Ahh gets spoonfuls of beef or vegetarian chili. Then, Payne hits it with hot, unabashedly cheesy cheddar sauce for ultimate melty goodness.


Here we have the Chili Cheese Crunch-Ahh getting its finishing sprinkle of chili flakes. Underneath are green onions, spicy mayo, cheddar sauce, Hawkins Cheezies (Canada’s answer to Cheetos, made in Belleville) and chili, available in beef or bean. $9.


And here it is again, just because.
You can get a hand-dipped Woofdawg Corndawg unadorned ($6), but for the full experience, we recommend the Crank Dup Corndawg ($9) finished with cheddar cheese sauce, spicy mayo, green onion, fresh corn, and a sprinkle of chili flakes.


Thanks to Woofdawg’s house-made franks and garnishes, the classic dog is no slouch compared to its more extravagant cousins. Tangy purple sauerkraut, chopped dill pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard make this option just as satisfying a trip to Flavourtown. $5.


A generous sprinkle of Hawkins Cheezies tops the Cheesy Pickle Fries, complete with chopped dill pickles and cheddar cheese sauce. $9.
Left to right: the Crank Dup Corndawg, Chili Cheese Crunch-Ahh, Loaded Dawg and Classic Dawg.


Left to right: The Classic Dawg, Cheesy Pickle Fries, Loaded Fries, Chili Cheese Crunch-Ahh, Crank Dup Corndawg, and the Loaded Dawg.
The drinks

A standard selection of soda is on offer here for two bucks a pop. There’s Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, Orange Crush and bottled water.

The space

Currently the space operates on a takeout-only basis, but will have limited seating even when dine-in returns. Nevertheless, it’s a fun place to wait for your order—the retro theme features colourful LED strip lights, old-school signage and even a Flamin’ Finger arcade game sourced from a closed-down Chuck E. Cheese that blares nostalgic video game music on repeat. With Covid restrictions in place, customers can’t actually play the game, though—it’s there purely for vibes.

You can find Woofdawg’s franks at retailers across the city, including Cheese Boutique, the Butcher’s Son, Roast and Eastbound Brewing Co. Check the website for a complete list.