10 tasty Valentine’s Day gifts by the dozen that are way better than roses

10 tasty Valentine’s Day gifts by the dozen that are way better than roses

We don’t have anything against flowers—they’re very pretty. They’re also a very cliché Valentine’s Day gift. (And after a week or so, all you’re left with is a vase full of dead organic matter and rancid water.) This year, buy your sweetheart something by the dozen that isn’t long-stemmed. Here, 10 delicious ideas.

Chocolate lipstick

We’ve all been tempted to bite into lipstick before. (Yes you have. Don’t lie.) Now it’s actually advisable—and much tastier—thanks to chocolatier extraordinaire David Chow. You can pick up six-packs of his colourful, caramel-filled chocolate lipsticks from Pusateri’s Avenue Road and Eaton Centre locations.

Cinnamon buns

Bring home a dozen of Amy Rosen’s cinnamon buns. The ooey-gooey treats are good for dessert or for breakfast. They also provide the opportunity to say something smooth to your date like, “These buns are great, but yours are still my favourite,” and follow it up with a slow wink. 825 College St., 416-534-2856, @rosensbuns

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Gourmet gummies

Montreal-based candy company Squish sells their artisanal, all-natural gummies out of their Hudson’s Bay location downtown Toronto. But the “Ultimate Squish Box”—a package stuffed with 12 bags of their favourite flavours (including Valentine’s-appropriate sour peach hearts, red roses and prosecco bears)—is an exclusive online offer. squishcandies.com

Nutella doughnuts

There are probably a thousand-and-one things you can buy by the dozen at the Cheese Boutique that would put a smile on anyone’s face, but we’d like to recommend their freshly made and Nutella-filled bomba. At less than a buck each, 12 of them are way cheaper than a bunch of roses—and did we mention they’re filled with Nutella? 45 Ripley Ave., 416-762-6292, cheeseboutique.com

A couple of six-packs

Wine has traditionally been the drink of choice on Valentine’s Day, but Toronto’s beer game is so strong right now—and most of the city’s breweries have bottle shops—so why not switch things up? Plus, if your date doesn’t show, you’ll have something in which to drown your sorrows.

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A bucket of chicken

To really spice things up, order 12 pieces of P.G. Clucks’ Nashville hot chicken with two kinds of salad (pasta, potato) and slaw. Because not everyone has a sweet tooth. 610 College St., 647-925-2226, pgclucks.com

A rack of spare ribs

This might be pushing it, but each rack does have around a dozen ribs—and Toronto’s in the middle of a barbecue boom. Pick some up from Adamson, Smoke Signals, J&J or Cherry Street. Unleash your inner animal with the one you love, and afterwards, enjoy tenderly wiping sauce from each other’s face.

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Not only are oysters an aphrodisiac, but the word “shuck” offers unlimited opportunity for sexy innuendo. So buy some bivalves from say, Honest Weight, Hooked or Diana’s, and get shucking.


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A dozen bagels

Nothing says lovin’ like a paper bag full of piping-hot bagels from a wood-fired oven. We recommend the Bagel House for their chewy Montreal-style rounds, which come in a huge assortment of flavours, but the all-dressed everything variety is the best. Score extra points for tossing in some cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. Bonus: Some of the stores are open 24 hours a day if you’re looking for something very, very last-minute. Various locations in the GTA, thebagelhouse.com

Heart-shaped ravioli

There must be at least three dozen red-and-white ravioli in this bag from Toronto-based pasta maker Continental Noodles. Each little heart-shaped hot pocket is crammed with fluffy ricotta. Various locations in the GTA, continentalnoodles.com