A rundown of some of the rooms in Drake’s yet-to-be-completed Bridle Path mansion

A rundown of some of the rooms in Drake’s yet-to-be-completed Bridle Path mansion

Photograph by Daniel Neuhaus. Illustrations by Dominic Bugatto

For the past four years, Drake’s main residence has been his home in Hidden Hills, California. His proposed mansion in the Bridle Path area blows that other place away by every conceivable metric, most notably size: the design calls for some 35,000 square feet of living space spread over three opulent storeys. Here’s how Drake plans to use it.

The land: A two-acre lot on 21 Park Lane Circle, roughly 400 metres north of Conrad Black’s estate.

The price: Under the auspices of a numbered Nova Scotia company, Drake bought the property for $6.7 million on September 30, 2015, then mortgaged it for $3.825 million.

The size: If built exactly as envisioned, Drake’s house will have 35,000 square feet of living space.

The designer: Ferris Rafauli, who designed Sher Club, Drake’s members-only retreat at the ACC, is the visionary.

An architectural rendering of Drake’s house, as it will appear when complete



The foyer: A two-storey atrium with dual powder rooms. One guest toilet is not enough for Drizzy.

The kitchen: Comes with a spacious pantry and leads to a covered terrace.

The elevator: No Bridle Path dwelling is complete without one.

The snack lounge: An entire room dedicated to the nutritional needs of Drake and his guests.

The great room: This double-height hall will serve as Drake’s primary entertaining space, with a bar, two covered porches for hookah breaks and an adjacent piano room.

The driveway: A man like Drake, whose car collection reportedly now includes a McLaren 675LT and at least two Rolls-Royces, needs plenty of runway. The drive broadens into a private, 35-metre-wide cul-de-sac.

The 10-car garage: At 2,000 square feet, there’s more than enough room to house Drake’s fleet of exotic whips.

The awards room: Judging by the amount of space he’s allotting for hardware, Drake thinks his best years are still ahead of him.



The master bedroom: At 941 square feet, Drake’s bedroom is bigger than an East York bungalow.

The ensuite bathroom: The plans call for a steam shower with a large skylight.

The terraces: For private contemplation and/or hot tubbing with the love interest du jour.

The guest wing: Despite the massive scale of the house, the design calls for only four guest bedrooms. They would be in a separate wing, away from Drake’s own redoubt.

The dressing rooms: There are two of them—one, possibly, for the future Mrs. Drake. Together, they’re almost as large as the bedroom.



The spa: A giant tub, a pair of saunas, two change areas and a massage room.

The jersey museum: A place for Drake’s favourite basketball memorabilia.

Mystery chambers: These two small rooms are labelled “important artifacts” on the floor plan, but there’s no indication of what those artifacts will be. Maybe Drake has Biggie’s brain in a jar.

The lounge: The bar is flanked by refrigerators for beer and champagne.

The basketball court: Drake’s near-NBA-regulation-size court will be in his basement, because why not?

The pool and hot tub: Drake’s swimming facilities will be in a colonnaded hall, with a projection screen behind the hot tub and two separate bar areas.

The music and screening lounge: A place to listen to tunes and watch movies.