Is Drake and Jennifer Lopez’s romance legit or a brilliant publicity stunt? We investigated

Is Drake and Jennifer Lopez's romance legit or a brilliant publicity stunt? We investigated
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It’s been barely three weeks since TMZ first reported that “something’s going on” between Drake and Jennifer Lopez. Many public Insta-cuddles, PDAs and prom make-out sessions later, there’s hardly any doubt: the King of the Six and the Queen of the Block are together. But is #DraLo an actual couple, or is it all just a clever publicity stunt for their forthcoming collaborative album? We weighed the evidence.

Exhibit A
The Insta-couple

The most explicit evidence thus far comes in the form of identical Instagram snaps from last week, featuring the two stars in a “private” embrace. Note that they posted the same photo at the same time, meaning either it’s a savvy career move or that Drake and JLo are that annoying couple who have no idea how obnoxious they are on social media. Equally possible: Drake is promoting his new, lifelike line of JLo-brand blow-up dolls, which would explain her inanimate appearance and awkward leg positioning. The verdict: Fake! A coordinated Insta-bomb wreaks too much of “notice us!” to suggest a genuine celebrity coupling.


Exhibit B
The ang-Rih ex-girlfriend

Once upon a time, the booty-licious pop star in Drake’s life was Rihanna. (True, they never quite confirmed their romance either, but Drake’s romantic ode to her at the VMAs was basically the same thing.) Last spring, Rihanna gave Lopez a pair of her Manolo Blahnik denim boot-pants with a note that read, “To The Baddest, because I know you’re gonna wear them better than me!!!” Lopez wore the boots in her “Ain’t Your Mama” video. But last week, Rih unceremoniously unfollowed her former boot bud on Instagram, right before the aforementioned double-photo bomb drop. The takeaway: that Rih may have learned about #DraLo’s plan to go public—and that she’s not above high school power moves. The verdict: Legit! Even famous pop-stars-slash-boot-pant-designers aren’t immune to the effects of the green-eyed monster.


Exhibit C
The prom night

On December 29, DraLo appeared together for the first time at a prom-themed event in L.A. To no one’s surprise, they were crowned king and queen (crown and sash included) and hit the dance floor together as The Zit Remedy played (if only!). In fact, King and Queen danced to what was believed to be a first listen of their musical collab, prompting speculation that the whole prom party was actually a music video shoot. The verdict: Fake! But also hot. Whether they’re for real or not, Lopez’s infamous posterior is really rubbing up against Drizzy. Who says work can’t be fun?



Exhibit D
The “personal reasons”

Lopez cancelled a scheduled New Year’s Eve concert in Miami for “personal time” and “family reasons.” All good and fine—until we flash-forward to December 31 and spot JLo attending Drake’s show in Vegas. The next day, DraLo were spotted hitting the high rollers’ table at the MGM Grand. (As Lainey Gossip notes, that’s JLo’s mom standing to the right, so the whole “family” excuse isn’t completely bogus). The verdict: Legit! Flaky decision-making, ditching previous commitments, the need to spend NYE with that special someone—all the hallmarks of an early-stage relationship.


Exhibit E
The thing with the bling

In this Instagram snap from New Year’s Eve, Lopez poses with friends in a VIP booth. Cast your eyes down from JLo’s bosom to the gold necklace dangling betwixt it, and then check out this recent snap where Drizzy wears the same (or at least very similar) bling, draped over one of his beloved turtleneck sweaters. The verdict: Fake! When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry played this “relationship debut through matching jewelry” game back in October, it felt fresh and true. This seems more like desperate breadcrumb dropping.


Final verdict

Real! Despite the evidence of a fake fling, neither Drake nor JLo are very good at keeping their love lives under the radar (Bennifer, anyone?). Also, Drizzy isn’t big on staged romance—remember Coachella 2015, when Madonna smooched Drake and he wiped his mouth like she had cooties? And, finally, does anyone really give a hotline bling about the pair’s alleged upcoming music collab? Either this is the real deal, or just the least effective publicity hoax ever.


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