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This Toronto baker makes cookies that look like everything from Drake to bowls of ramen

Toronto-based baker Lindsey Gazel of LindseyBakes makes some pretty bonkers biscuits. At the Queen West café she shares with her friend (and coffee king) Sam James, Gazel churns out single cookies for the coffee shop, as well as custom orders. “I take orders from six to 2000,” says Gazel. “I work way too much—but I love it.” Here, just 18 of her crumby (get it?) creations.

A waffle

“These—along with the eggs and bao below—were made for a food-lover’s birthday party. They were pretty easy to do. Cookies with logos are more challenging because they need to be exact, right down to the Pantone colours,” Gazel says.    

Sunny-side-up eggs

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the cast-iron pan is actually the cookie.    

A bagel with smoked salmon

Is it a cookie? Or is it brunch? Someone hosting a bagel brunch ordered these cookies and spread them out around the table amongst the real things. “She said she shellacked one of the cookies and hung it on her front door,” Gazel says.    


“These were for a two-year-old’s birthday—his favourite food is pho,” says Gazel. “I actually think the chopsticks kinda look like fries.”    


“This was for a spicy ramen lover,” Gazel says. “His girlfriend bought him beautiful chopsticks and wanted something fun to go with them. I was pretty free to do whatever I wanted as long as it was spicy.”    

A bao

This is one fun steamed bun.    


“Besides baking, Gazel’s two loves are dogs and sushi. She made these sushi cookies for a Japanese-Irish wedding—they also had shamrock-themed wedding favours.”    

Jamaican patties

Complete with a red “this-one’s-the-spicy-one” dot. Gazel made these for the owners of a Jamaican restaurant she went to growing up. “They were a gift just because I love them so much,” Gazel says.    


Make no misteak, these cookies are a truly rare find. “A client ordered this for her husband’s birthday—it’s his favourite cut of meat,” says Gazel. “I think I enjoy making cookies of food more than anything else.”    


But she doesn’t just make cookies that look like food. Case in point, this Hotline Bling–style Drake that was made for a five-year-old boy’s birthday party. “He also had Prince and Michael Jackson cookies,” says Gazel. And the award for coolest five-year-old goes to...    

Hotline Bling

“I get a ton of Drake-related orders,” says Gazel. “I never learned how to cursive write—I’ve only ever written in capitals—so this kind of font is actually a breeze!"    

Views cover

“Real” Drake sitting on a cookie of his icing self sitting on the CN Tower. Very meta.    

The Weeknd

She does other music artists, too, for example, the Weeknd. Gazel made this pre-haircut Abel cookie for the Food Network (they ordered cookies that looked like a bunch of last year’s Oscar nominees). “It’s so great when people have a recognizable characteristic,” says Gazel. “It makes my job a lot easier.”    

Kim Kardashian

Gazel made this cheeky Kim K. cookie for Flare. The magazine wanted a series of cookies that counted down the top fashion events of the year in 2014. “I actually think I could do way better at this, but it was a rush order around Christmas time so I was a bit shaky,” she says.    


Gazel does a lot of work for clothing brands and the fashion industry. She made these United Stock Dry Goods jean cookies for Queen West men’s store Sydney’s. “My second favourite thing to make, besides food cookies, are cookies that look like clothes,” she says.    


Like this oh-so-shiny bubble jacket.    


And these adorable Asics.


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