Drake went to his cousin’s high school prom, and there are photos to prove it

Drake did some walking (and dancing) in Memphis, Tennesee this weekend, where he took his cousin Jaalah Moore to her high school prom at Fairley High School. (Drake’s dad is Moore’s grandmother’s brother.) Though Drake is several years past his high school days at Forest Hill Public School, he orchestrated quite the night for Moore, conjuring up a white Rolls Royce and paying for her and her date’s custom matching outfits, according to TMZ. Though he didn’t perform, Drake attended the bash and also hosted an afterparty at the Hard Rock Café for about 400 of Moore’s closest friends. Here, some pictures and videos from the night.

Drake looks protective of his cousin as they pose for a group picture. This was eventually posted on Moore’s Instagram account, which now has almost 16,000 followers:

Here, she shows off her custom-made dress in front of that sweet whip:

Another shot of the happy couple and maybe, sorta third wheel. These outfits are so sparkly they actually glow:

This Snapchat screengrab is making the rounds. It looks like it was taken at home, before the threesome headed out to the prom:

Drake didn’t only hang out with Moore. He made the rounds and talked to other students. It almost looks like one of them is getting ready to propose marriage here:

This one is from Drake himself. It seems as though it was taken at the Hard Rock Café. Drake would, of course, never contribute to the delinquency of a minor, so everyone appears to be drinking plain old water:

This video shows Drake posing for more pictures with Moore (with “Hotline Bling” playing in the background) before being escorted out by his two bodyguards:


And here he is, at the end of the night, giving a peace sign to another fan:


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