What’s on the menu at Momofuku’s pop-up at Pusateri’s in the Saks Food Hall

What’s on the menu at Momofuku’s pop-up at Pusateri’s in the Saks Food Hall

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When Daishō and Shōtō closed last month to make way for a yet-to-be announced new concept, people were left wondering where they would get their Momofuku fix in the meantime. (Apart from Noodle Bar, which remains open.) Well, wonder no more: David Chang’s restaurant group has partnered with Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s for a temporary collaborative pop-up at the latter’s Champagne Bar. Executive chef Paula Navarrete’s menu has a selection of fan favourites, like the popular pork buns and rice cakes, but also new items, including bing (griddled Chinese flat bread served with dips and spreads), which debuted at Momofuku’s new L.A. restaurant, Majordomo. There are a few signature Momofuku cocktails available at the bar, too, like the Nuts n’ Bolts, a bourbon, hazelnut and lemon number.

Here’s a look at what you can expect, including a few dishes Pusateri’s has launched for their part of the collaboration.

Each order of bing (single flatbread) comes with an accompaniment. Guests can choose from potted roast chicken salad, potted maple-smoked white fish dip, edamame spread or Niagara ham with Mountain Oak gouda. Additional bing are $4 each.


Here’s the potted roast chicken salad and hot honey. Served with bing. $17.


Edamame spread and pickled Asian pear, served with bing. $15.


Potted maple-smoked whitefish dip with salmon roe and bing. $19.


Niagara ham with aged Mountain Oak gouda and bing. $17.


Beef tartare: dry-aged beef fat, black garlic vinaigrette, Thai basil, egg yolk emulsion and Japanese hot mustard. Served with nori-flavoured chips. $21.


Crispy chicken katsu, between crustless Hokkaido-style toasted milk bread, is topped with shredded lettuce and smoked daikon. $19.


The chilled spicy noodles are topped with charred watercress, cured cucumber, a hard-boiled egg, white kimchi vinaigrette and crushed wasabi peas. $19.


Pusateri’s chicken causa (a Peruivan layered potato dish) tops a layer of seasoned potato with pulled chicken, avocado, red onion, tomato, egg, olive emulsion, and dashi mayo. $17.


Pusateri’s lobster chowder, with crispy pancetta, corn and potato. It’s finished with fried tortilla strips and Old Bay seasoning. $16.


Pusateri’s grilled broccoli caesar is topped with bacon chips, pickled shallots, sunflower seeds, parmesan and caesar dressing. $16.


All of Momofuku’s dishes.


And all of Pusateri’s.


The pop-up has taken over the sushi counter in the Champagne Bar.


Working with Navarrete are sous chefs Jillian Calata, Joe Siu and Andrew Moore.