Toronto’s Five Best Grilled Sandwiches

Toronto’s Five Best Grilled Sandwiches

The best thing to hit the sandwich (since sliced bread) has to be the panino press. Here, the city’s top five melty, crunchy, lunchy grilled things.

1. Delux’s pressed Cubano
The post-mambo snack is elevated with such premium ingredients as cider-cured pork shoulder, shaved ham, homemade boule, gruyère and cornichons. This pork-on-pork sandwich is a tasty example of all that is right with today’s pig-centric cuisine. $10. 92 Ossington Ave., 416-537-0134.

2. Hoof Café’s tongue grilled cheese
The Hoof’s delectable mix of brined, shaved tongue with brie and provolone and a sprinkling of dill is criminally non-kosher, but this refined grilled cheese and Jewish deli combo is fusion food at its finest. $12. 923 Dundas St. W., 416-792-7511.

3. Ravi Soups’ curried lamb wrap
It’s best to eat this one directly over a plate to catch the braised lamb juices that cascade down after the first bite. If extreme succulence weren’t enough, there are also the tastes of South Asia: prickly curry heat, mint chutney and sweet mango. $9. 322 Adelaide St. W., 647-435-8365.

4. Arepa Café’s pabellon arepa
The Caracas street food classic defies grilled cheese conventions: discs of cornbread are grilled then stuffed with mozzarella and pabellon—shredded flank steak mixed with creamy black beans and plantain. Drizzle green pepper sauce on top
for a deliciously tropical sloppy joe. $8.50. 490 Queen St. W., 416-362-4111.

5. Negroni’s Nutella panino
This dessert, inspired by the Italian after-school snack, tucks thinly sliced strawberries, sweet mascarpone and vast quantities of Nutella between two slices of butter-drenched pressed ciabatta. It’s a decadent, finger-licking indulgence. $7. 492 College St., 416-413-0005.

(Illustration: Jack Dylan)