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The eight best bets in St. Lawrence Market

The eight best bets in St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market, with its beckoning butchers and weekend crowds, can be a trick to navigate, so we compiled a directory of our favourite market finds.

PEAMEAL SANDWICH Carousel’s peameal sandwich is legendary for a reason. With a luscious stack of salty meat and a pillowy white bun, it’s a classic comfort. Upper level 42.

BARBECUE PORK The Chinese Deli doesn’t look like much, but it serves up the city’s finest crunchy-crusted barbecue pork. It’s best enjoyed with plain rice to soak up the juices. Lower level B13.

DUCK FAT Whitehouse’s duck fat is truly flavourful, adding luxury to such standards as fried potatoes and omelettes. Upper level 16.

FORBIDDEN RICE Beautiful to behold and even better to eat, this black, short-grained heirloom rice has a nutty flavour and uncommonly high nutritional value. Rube’s Rice Shop, lower level B12/B15.

ORGANIC DISTILLED WHITE WINE VINEGAR At double the normal acidity, this white vinegar gives salad dressings and french fries a bright pop. Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard, upper level 19A.

POTATO PANCAKE This humble potato pancake is a study in simpli­city: fresh potato and a bit of oil on a hot griddle yields homey bliss. Dnister Ukrainian Store, lower level B16.

POPPY SEED BAGEL Plucked from the pile of oven-fresh rings, this bagel is chewy perfection. St. Urbain Bagel, upper level 11.

ROAST CHICKEN The aroma of hundreds of roasting chickens fills the market, making it tough to leave without a half bird or at least a sandwich. Churrasco St. Lawrence, upper level 49.


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