Pizza Gigi reopens after “cleaning up” shop

Pizza Gigi reopens after “cleaning up” shop

(Image: Jessica Darmanin)

Pizza Gigi reopened suddenly yesterday, much to the delight of hungry neighbourhood residents who have been going through withdrawal (from pizza, of course) for the past three weeks, ever since the shop closed down in connection with allegations of drug trafficking. In the early evening, owner Salvatore “Sammy” Crimi began calling back some of his longtime customers, including 102.1 The Edge radio host Dave “Bookie” Bookman, who soon conveyed the good news to the rest of Toronto.

Jen and Grant of the Black Hoof, apparently big Pizza Gigi fans, were similarly elated. Last night, they tweeted: “Pizza Gigi back in business! How? Don’t know, don’t care!”

We called Pizza Gigi yesterday night to find Sammy alive and well and taking pizza orders. No word as yet on the status of those 15 charges pending against him.

Pizza Gigi, 189 Harbord St., 416-535-4444.