Drake Hotel to open barbecue pop-up shop

Drake Hotel to open barbecue pop-up shop

(Image: Google)

Screw autumn. And long live summer barbecues.

That’s the attitude of the Drake Hotel, which is in the process of transforming its Scoops and Tees shop into the Drake BBQ. Starting October 22, slow-cooked sandwiches will be served in this space, just two doors down from the hotel.

We hear that the menu will include Carolina pulled pork shoulder ($7), Texas chopped beef brisket ($8) and something called The 60/60 (three ounces of each of the aforementioned meats, $9).

There will also be bottles of pop, chips from New Brunswick, pickles, Ontario-grown peanuts and Ezell’s coleslaw. The shop will be open at 6 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. Closing time is when the beef runs out.