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Chefs make better lovers, threatening T.O.’s culinary superiority, cell phone credit cards

Chefs make better lovers, threatening T.O.’s culinary superiority, cell phone credit cards
Go zest: Vancouver and the rest of B.C. want to be Canada’s food capital (Photo by Small)

• Could this be the end of the Toronto-Montreal axis of culinary superiority? We doubt it, but a new initiative between the British Columbia government and restaurateurs in the province is aiming to put Lotus Land on the culinary map. [Vancouver Sun]

• Longtime New York food critic Gael Greene argues that chefs make better lovers, and that celebrity chefs in particular should spend less time cooking and more time reaping the fruits of celebrity—especially sex with willing young food groupies. As if Rachel Ray needs another reason to smile. [Daily Beast]

• The National Post offers a blow-by-blow of the Seafood for Thought event at the Toronto Zoo. Irony was in no short supply as guests chowed down on marine life (by Jason Inniss of Amuse-Bouche and Patrick McMurray of Starfish) while gazing upon exotic sea creatures and learning about ocean conservation. [National Post]

• Visa Canada CEO Tim Wilson dreams of a world where he doesn’t have to wait for change or credit card receipts after a meal—a world where he pays for everything with a wave of his mobile phone. Apparently, Mr. Wilson has never left his mobile phone on the streetcar. [Globe and Mail]

• Scientists at Agri-Food Canada are warning that a wheat fungus is threatening up to 80 per cent of the world’s wheat crops, which would lead to widespread famine. Researchers fighting the Ug99 fungus are short on cash, however, since private investment tends to get thrown at sexier, more profitable crops like soybeans. []


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