Camels as burgers, Jack Astor’s glory, McDonald’s goes green

Camels as burgers, Jack Astor’s glory, McDonald’s goes green

Hump and grind: Young camels are being turned into burgers (Photo by Robert Rybnikar)

• Baby camel burgers will join the ranks of Japanese whale sandwiches on a list of exotic food that drives PETA members nuts. Customers of Hashi Meals (“hashi” means baby camel) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, say the burgers have a delicate taste, and experts say they’re low in fat. [Reuters]

• Sales at such mid-range casual chains as Jack Astor’s and Alice Fazooli’s are up seven per cent year over year, while high-end restaurants continue to struggle through the recession. We feel it’s our duty to remind Torontonians that a steak at Jack’s is $25.98, but the Summerlicious prix fixe at Batifole is just $25—and Lady Gaga won’t be blasting in the background. [Globe and Mail]

Eater L.A. has apologized after it published an anonymous tip that accused Must Wine Bar of violating health codes and lying about the quality of its cheese. This comes just two weeks after New York restaurant owner Joe Dobias lambasted Eater New York for linking to an uncorroborated amateur review. [L.A. Times]

• A fine-dining restaurant has opened in a British prison, where the inmates will serve as waiters and chefs. (Sound familiar?) The Clink offers two-course meals for the discount price of £6. There are just two catches: diners must obtain security clearance, and plastic cutlery must be used in order to reduce the risk of stabbings. [China View]

McDonald’s is going green with LEED certification and a pay-per-use electric car charging station at a new location in North Carolina. The chain plans to open more green restaurants, including some right here Canada. We wish them luck with their environmental efforts, but we’re not too sure how many ZENN drivers eat Big Macs. [Business Green]