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10 Toronto stores that will deliver ice cream and gelato right to your door

It’s hot out there, folks—and it’s only going to get hotter. Because public pools are still padlocked, consider beating the heat with a tub of ice cream or three. The best part is that all 10 of these parlours will deliver the good stuff right to your door.

Arctic Bites

Half the fun of ordering Thai-style ice cream is the spectacle. There’s something mesmerizing about watching cream as it’s transformed from a liquid into tidy, frozen rolls. For now, though, you’ll just have to watch YouTube videos of the process while you wait for your order to arrive. One thing you won’t need to compromise on with Arctic Bites is choice: the Baldwin Village shop’s delivery selection is expansive. Whether you’re craving chocolatey concoctions (like the Ohhh Fudge), fruity flavours (like the blueberry lavender) or Asian-inspired creations (like the Thai milk tea), they’ve got you covered. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. 21 Baldwin St., 647-347-2818,  

Bang Bang

Just as day drinking at Trinity Bellwoods (ahem, with 9,000 of your closest friends) is a summer tradition that’s best retired for 2020, it might be a good call to skip Bang Bang’s 30-minute-long lineup, too. Instead, consider ordering in from the Ossington ice cream shop. Go the DIY route and get a six-pack of freshly baked cookies and a pint of just-churned ice cream in flavours like burnt toffee, London fog or peanut butter cup, and assemble your own sweet sandwiches. Pro tip: double-decker ice cream sandwiches are possible, messy and oh-so delicious. For the indecisive (or those with limited self-control), Bang Bang also has a selection of pre-made sammies, including one with a gluten-free everything cookie and vegan chocolate ice cream. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. 93A Ossington Ave., 647-348-1900, @bangbang_icecream  


Putting on that quarantine 15 has never been easier now that you can order ice cream sandwich kits straight to your home. Booyah’s $39 Quarantine Survival Kit comes with three pints of ice cream (choose from 16 flavours including Nutella, mint chip and toasted marshmallow) and a selection of that day’s freshly baked cookies. Each kit includes toppings (sprinkles and crushed Oreos) so you can gussy up those sweet, sweet sandwiches. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. 16A Vaughan Rd., 647-347-2001,  

Death in Venice

Mad scientist Kaya Ogruce’s gelato laboratory produces some outrageous flavours. Many—like pad Thai, corn on the cob and grilled cheese—sound more like savoury eats than sweet, icy treats. If standard vanilla is what you’re after, this alchemist’s creations are not for you. Even his chocolate pints come mixed with things like sour cherries, basil or coconut-cardamom. His Turkish coffee and Mexican chocolate mole flavours are almost always on offer, but the fruit-based ones are highly seasonal. Delivery is free when you purchase five pints or more. Available for delivery through Uber Eats and Doordash. 1418 Dundas St. W., 416-509-3044,  


This Junction chocolate shop churns out feel-good pints made with local Harmony Organic cream, fair-trade chocolate and in-season Ontario fruit. Throughout the summer, flavours shift from wild strawberry (June) and merlot cherry (July) to blueberry cheesecake (August) and spiced plum (September). The arrival of their mint chip—arguably the best in the city—signals spring: it’s fresh, herbaceous and the truffle-style chips melt in your mouth. Owners Jeff Brown and Jennifer Rashleigh also own Junction Fromagerie, the next-door cheese shop, and have made a one-stop online shop called Allons Y Delivery that’s stocked with pints, waffle cones, chocolate and everything you need to put out an epic cheese board. You can even add a floral bouquet from Coriander Girl to your order. Order online. Free delivery in the west end for purchases of $20 or more. 3040 Dundas St. W., 416-760-9995,  

Ed’s Real Scoop

Ed Francis doesn’t care much for Instagram—his small-batch ice creams are all about flavour, not flash. He churns his Ontario cream at a low speed. It takes a little longer, but the result is a denser, more delicious dessert. (Commercial ice cream brands, by comparison, are filled out with air.) Nothing quite says summertime like sampling four flavours at Ed’s, knowing all the while that you’re just going to order burnt marshmallow again. In the parlours, Ed’s rotates through their 150 flavours. On the delivery apps, however, the selection’s limited to classic flavours: strawberry, French mint, cookies ‘n’ cream, Tanzania dark chocolate and (thank the ice cream gods) burnt marshmallow. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. Various locations,  

La Diperie

This Montreal import has made a frosty business from giving soft-serve seekers almost too many choices. In store they have 30 dips in funky flavours like lemonade and pistachio. Their toppings game is strong, too. Unfortunately, customized soft-serve doesn’t translate well to delivery, so they’re now offering 13 pre-assembled ice cream creations. To ensure you’re not delivered a milky puddle with a chocolate dip carcass, the ice cream is kept at -19°C before being whisked away by Uber. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. Various locations,  


When Korean dessert café Milkcow opened their first Toronto location two summers ago, people went bananas for their watermelon ice cream sandwiches. Although the Instagram-famous stacks are only available for pickup, you can order a serving of Milkcow’s watermelon soft serve through Uber Eats and attempt to recreate the magic at home. If that seems like too much effort (it is), why not try one of the shop’s other soft-serve cups, which come topped with things like honeycomb, mango chunks, macarons and fluffy clouds of cotton candy. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. 2651 Yonge St., 647-346-6669,  

The Sweet Escape

When it comes to making their small-batch ice cream, this Distillery District shop sticks to the classics (chocolate, vanilla, birthday cake). Brownie-studded espresso is their most over-the-top flavour. It’s a deliciously icy perk-me-up, but if you’re after something a touch more indulgent, consider ordering in the Ice Cream Sundae Kit. The $29 kit comes with a pint of ice cream, two sauces (Belgian chocolate that hardens on contact and salted caramel) and rainbow sprinkles. Cherry not included. Available for delivery through DoorDash and Uber Eats. 24 Tank House Lane, 416-214-2253,  

Tom’s Dairy Freeze

Since 1969, this family-run operation has refused to cut corners. Tom’s uses real cream instead of dehydrated milk, so their soft serve is ultra-creamy (unlike the watery truck stuff). It’s that rich cream that gives the soft serve its added heft, which allows Tom’s to pull gravity-defying cones. Their ginormous, one-foot-tall spires of Rainbow Burst don’t travel particularly well, though, so the dairy bar is shipping out tubs of the soft stuff instead. Opt for a straight-up tub of chocolate or vanilla, or get one of the layered options which come swirled with blue raspberry, butterscotch or chocolate dip. Available for delivery through Uber Eats. 630 The Queensway, 416-259-1846,


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