One Influential Animal

One Influential Animal



51 You may be wondering why there’s a goat at the end of Toronto Life’s Most Influential list this year. Sure, this goat exudes an unmistakable air of confidence, but her talents extend much further than that. Billie is a special kind of goat: she’s a Plan International Canada Gift of Hope. And because of this, she also packs lifesaving power. Purchase a Gift of Hope like Billie for someone on your holiday list ($75), and a real goat will go to a family living in one of the poorest countries in the world, making this meaningful gift twice as nice! You can also buy a whole herd of goats like Billie, so even more children in a community can benefit. Talk about influence: A gift like Billie can help boost a family’s income, offer nutritious milk for children and provide savings for things like health care and education—completely transforming lives. Plus, every gift of livestock comes with resources and training for animal care and veterinary support, ensuring Billie and her friends also stay in good health. Hoofs down, Billie might just be the most influential gift you give this holiday season.
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