The Makeup Maven

Hijabi blogger Saman Munir is building a YouTube empire with makeup tutorials and workout tips. She has 60,000 subscribers hooked on her ability to make comfort look couture

WHAT SHE’S WEARING Top: silver pintuck blouse, tied trousers and black turtleneck from Zara. Watch and rose-gold bracelet by Michael Kors. Eyelashes from Huda Beauty. Above: green suit, pumps and black turtleneck from Zara. Photographed at Kariya Park

Where my style is at these days
I have three kids—my daughter’s 10 and my sons are 8 and 4. So, comfort comes first. I have to be comfortable. But I do want to look elegant and classy. And modest, of course. Luckily, sportswear, like with athleisure, is becoming so fashionable now—it’s not just track pants.

How I stay real as a brand ambassador
When Under Armour contacted me, I told them that I don’t wear shorts, and I don’t wear tights or go sleeveless. And they said, “Don’t worry. We’ll give you whatever you wear and do it according to your style.”

Keeping it coordinated
Either I’m dressed up or I’m in my gym clothes 24/7. But when I wear dressy clothes, I go all out. I make sure my outfits match my hijab and that they match my makeup, my shoes, my purse. I make sure that everything is coordinated. Comfortable but elegant.

My first great outfit
My mom used to design clothes for my sister and me when we were little. I remember this blue lace dress with a little red belt that she stitched when I was 4 or 5 for Eid. That was one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever worn.

How I style my hijab
I wear my hijab so that my neck and hair are both covered. I’m not here to judge anyone, but that’s my way of wearing it. There’s so much more awareness of hijabs within fashion than there was when I started blogging, in 2005. There were hardly any in YouTube videos. Now Cover Girl is sponsoring a hijabi girl. I believe I’m one of the first hijabis to be working for Under Armour as an influencer. Companies are starting to welcome all types of women, not just one type. They’re saying, “Whoever wants to come, you’re more than welcome.” It’s amazing.

My makeup philosophy
I’ve loved makeup since I was a kid. I started collecting it when I was in high school. When I had my daughter, I decided to start my blog about makeup and hijabs, so that’s when I started incorporating both together. For me it’s about the contour. And lashes make a huge difference. When I have my lashes on I feel like, I got this. I like to wear a soft, pink tone on my lips. Nothing too dramatic but my lashes and my eyes have to be on point. I love eyes. They stand out more than anything else.


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