The Fashion Family

Fashion insiders Aleksandra Jassem and Nikita Stanley launched Rebel Mamas four years ago, and quickly became the anti–mommy bloggers. They’ve been attached at the hip ever since

WHAT THEY’RE WEARING Aleksandra: Pink blouse by Ulla Johnson, metallic skirt by Masscob, shoes by Aldo, ring by Chopard from L’Oro jewellery. Nikita: Red top from Sara Battaglia, denim from Jonathan Simkhai, belt by Orciani, shoes from Gianvito Rossi. Photographed at Le Sélect Bistro

Our morning routines
Aleksandra: I dress for mood—what I’m doing that day, how I’m going to feel—I can’t force myself into something. That’s why I’ve never been able to plan an outfit the day before. Vintage and denim are my go-tos. It’s not going to take longer than 10 minutes to get dressed. Nikita: By the time I get the kids dressed, I usually have 15 minutes to pick my clothes and put makeup on and get out the door. I know it’s going to be denim on the bottom and something white, black, grey or blue on the top. I have my basic pieces and those always form the base of an outfit, and then depending on what I’m doing the accessories change.

My best style tip
Nikita: Get everything tailored. Don’t leave a store without getting the jeans cinched at the waist or having the back of the blazer taken in.

My must-have jeans
Aleksandra: Levi’s has a lot of great cuts, the 721 and Mile High Slim are great. The price point is $80 to $100, so you can go ahead and buy a few and not feel crazy. I wouldn’t spend $300 on jeans right now—I could go to the grocery store and buy my kid food instead.

How I do workwear
Nikita: When I need to look polished, I go into the bank of investment pieces that I’ve bought over the years. A really beautiful blazer will go on top of jeans and white tee with the gold boots and red lipstick (probably Charlotte Tilbury’s Carina’s Love)—and now I’m at a meeting.

The thing that completes my look 
Aleksandra: A leather jacket. I have fancy ones, but I love my Top Shop one—it makes me feel good because it’s not real leather. Nikita: I have a blush pink D&G trench coat lined with leopard print. I like to wear really outlandish pieces in a really nonchalant way—so I would pop it on a black crewneck tee and black jeans.

How I built my wardrobe
Nikita: You have to be self-assured when you’re shopping that you know you can invest in a piece because you trust your own style. I might want to barf at the cash register, but I know that in 10 years I’ll still be wearing an item. I live in a pair of Rocco P gold lame cowboy boots—I wear them with everything. At around $1,200, that was an investment I wouldn’t have made 10 years ago, but now I know that I’m the kind of person who will wear gold lame boots for the next 20 years.

Our skincare philosophies
Nikita: I spend way more time on skincare than makeup. That’s the practical mom side of me, always asking where can I invest time that makes the most sense? If I make my skin look really good, then I won’t have to put makeup on. I do my skin regiment at night, which is mostly Dermologica. I wash my face, exfoliate it, put on Vitamin C serum and then an SPF 50 on top during the day, or a simple cream at night. In the morning, I put on my Anastasia brow gel and a little under eye concealer and get out the door. Aleksandra: I have to agree with Nikita, if your skin is moisturized and smooth, it’s such a great palette, so it makes makeup easy. I don’t do a lot. A little bit of brightening eyeshadow, which I also put on the top of my cheekbone and nose. My staple makeup product is the Sephora Tinted Moisturizer with SPF called Bright Future. The lipstick I use—Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil in Make Me Proud—goes on my cheeks, too. The trick is to apply everything with your finger tips for a natural, effortless look. And that’s it.

Our current favourite basics
Nikita: A white cotton blouse you can go anywhere in is essential. It can be a beach cover-up, tucked into jeans for dinner, tucked into a full body skirt for a gala—you can’t go wrong with a great white button up. I have one that is Rag and Bone from 10 years ago, and it’s like gauze now—it’s almost totally sheer and looks so great with a demi cup black lace bra. Aleksandra: My new favourite piece is a $40 black lace slip dress with lace from Chosen Vintage. You feel so glamorous in it, it’s so sexy and it’s just one piece. You can throw over a denim jacket so you don’t look too extra. I think I’d bring it everywhere—Miami, London, L.A.


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