Street Style: West-end baristas

Street Style: West-end baristas

Despite pre-dawn wakeup times, the city’s expert espresso-slingers always seem to look especially cool, whether they’re in quirky thrifted ensembles, energy-healing crystal jewellery or low-key layers. Here, the best of barista style at your favourite stops along Queen West and up Ossington:




Michio Hatashita

20, Barista at Sam James Coffee Bar
“These are just my work clothes, but I guess my regular clothes are pretty similar. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. today, but I love seeing the sun come up on my way to work. Trinity Bellwoods looks beautiful when it’s misty.”




Chrys Nguyen

33, Manager and buyer at Lost and Found
“My style is nostalgic. I’m an ’80s child, so I wear a lot of late ’80s and early ’90s stuff. My dad always used to wear New Balances and I would make fun of him. But now I’m embracing my inner nerd.”



Sandrine Somé

21, Barista at Crafted
“My style is skater-chic. Basically everything in this outfit was thrifted.”




Steve Gilmet

36, Barista at Crafted
“I don’t think about what I wear too much.”



Vidhi Gupta

26, Barista at Jimmy’s
“I like easy-going, punk-ish stuff. Whatever I can throw on in five minutes.”





Shane Connon

25, Barista at Neon
“My style is fun and creative. This is my favourite cardigan—I’ve barista’d in it for years. The bracelets have crystals on them to help pour good energy into everyone’s coffee cup.”



Ashley Vergara

21, Barista at Neon
“I got this sweater for two dollars. In fact, everything I’m wearing is either a hand-me-down or from Value Village. The whole outfit probably set me back $10.”



Telfer Carpenter

22, Barista at White Squirrel
“My friends make fun of me for only wearing jeans and sweaters. This is my favourite sweater, but it’s cropped so I wear a leotard underneath to make it work-appropriate. I just bought these glasses from Warby Parker and I love them. My favourite part of the job is all the dogs that visit me during the day through the pop-up window.”




Mandy Chung

21, Smoothie wizard at The Grow Op
“My style is its own organism; it’s always changing. Most days I just want to be comfortable, though.”



José Rodriguez

40, Owner at The Grow Op
“I’m a big sneaker head. I’m wearing my Nike APs today. I love working here and pushing the vegan lifestyle forward.”