Street Style: WayHome 2016

By Rebecca Tucker| Photography by George Petrovic

From Friday to Sunday, tens of thousands of music lovers descended on Burl’s Creek in Oro Medonte for the second annual Wayhome festival. When they weren’t dancing along to headliners such as LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire, ticket-holders sported some seriously stylish festival getups—despite a 40-degree heatwave. And it wasn’t all fringed jackets, tie-dyed Ts and and colourful caftans, though there were plenty of those, to be sure. Here are the best looks we spotted at this year’s festival.

Wayhome Style 6
Nicole Schembre, 26

“I’ve been wearing dresses all weekend. This one is very ‘less is more.’"


Wayhome Style Second Round 3
Kay Igubicic, 21

“My style is what it would look like if Cyndi Lauper and Boy George had a love child.”


Wayhome Style Second Round 4
Marla Brum, 31

“I styled this look around the shoes and the sunglasses.”

TJ Train, 36

“This is just what I found in the dryer.”



Wayhome Style 2
Juliet Kwan, 28

“This dress belongs to my sister. I just pick out the most comfortable clothing, always.”


Wayhome Style 4
Mitchell Court, 24

“The overalls are fake leather. I’d be dead if they were real.”


Wayhome Style 3
Emily Traichel, 22

“These are my signature glasses. I’ve been trying to get all my friends to buy the same pair, but so far, it’s just me.”


Wayhome Style Second Round 1
Stuart Weafer, 25

“My style is youthfully fun. I like wearing clothes I shouldn’t be wearing at my age.”


Wayhome Style Second Round 2
Jessie Sorell, 33

“I don’t reveal my legs, so I wore overalls. The sunglasses are vintage from Spain, and my sister’s husband bought me this hat.”

Stephanie Finkleman, 33

“I like the bodysuit because it doesn’t ride up when I dance.”


Wayhome Style 5
Joseph W. Salusbury, 27
Elissa Mielke, 26

“I bought this shirt at a flea market in London, England. We didn’t think it would be so hot today.”


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