Street Style: Sherway Gardens

Street Style: Sherway Gardens

For west-enders who’d rather not make the trek downtown, Sherway Gardens is the go-to destination for shopping sprees, haircuts and coffee dates. And now, there’s really no reason to leave the ’hood: the Cadillac Fairview–owned complex is home to a ton of great new shops, including Toronto’s second Saks Fifth Avenue, with its own Pusateri’s food hall and O&B restaurant. Here’s what 17 people wore to hang out at the mall on a Saturday.

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Lesa D’Alessandro

50, stay-at-home mom
“My look is always changing—yesterday I was wearing a biker jacket. I was just shopping at Saks while waiting for my daughter to get her hair done.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Arnold Lisanin

33, financial representative
“I’m a big fan of the Blue Jays, so this jacket caught my eye. I’m picking up a new pair of Jordans today.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Marta Ozubko

35, makeup artist
“My look is very eclectic—sometimes I wear casual things like this, and other times I dress up. I love my new Adidas sneakers.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Josh Alvernia

27, sales associate
“I’m really into the ’70s rock-and-roll thing. Most of my look today is from Topman, but I love coming to Sherway for Loding’s shoes.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Lauren Balazovic

20, student
“My style is city-chic—I wear a lot of black. I’m scoping out new pieces for my wardrobe today.”

(Images: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Marco Christopher

Mom: “He loves skinny jeans, English caps and Nikes. But mostly he likes to be naked.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Alexandra Alvernia

29, graphic designer
“My style is laid-back, and usually involves menswear. I bought like 11 leather jackets and returned them before settling on this one from Maje.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Giuseppe Morcinelli

25, illustrator
“I’d say my style is a mix of punk and urban influences—I don’t like to use the term ‘hipster’. I’m just here grabbing coffee.”


(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

Hayley He

21, student
“I like casual things. The skirt is from Maje.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Meaghan Conroy

25, model
“I’m a plus size model, so comfort is very important to me, and I spend a lot of time searching for things that make me feel good. But today I’m just restocking all my MAC makeup.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Leslie and Zoe Ng

35, 5, homemaker
“I dress very minimalist, but Zoe’s pretty spunky. We’re shopping for kids’ bedding today.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Michaela Venturoli

23, sales associate
“I like edgy pieces but also things that are really feminine.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Steve Isidori

31, project manager
“I dress for the occasion. Today I’m seeing what’s out there for spring.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Beatrice Muamba

44, teacher
“I just throw together whatever I have—today I’m looking for more white T-shirts.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Nicole Harvey

22, merchandise assistant
“I like minimal looks with a pop of colour. This is my favourite jacket, I got it five years ago in England. I’m shopping for a cruise in Greece.”

(Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)
Magda Bienkowska

29, legal assistant
“I usually wear whatever the current style is, but I try not to follow trends too much. I’m stocking up on Flower Bomb perfume today—I’ve worn it for years.”

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