Street Style: The One of a Kind Show

Street Style: The One of a Kind Show

The One of Kind Show’s winter edition is a prime opportunity for holiday shoppers to stock up on twee, handmade gifts. This year, attendees shopped the show’s more than 800 vendors in looks that were as creative as the wares on offer (think: pyjama bottoms as pants and vintage floral bombers). Here, the show’s most stylish show off what they wore—and what cool stuff they took home:



Jeanine Brito

23, Designer
“I split the cost of this shirt with my friend, which was silly because it was only $70 from Zara. I bought a lot of toffee from a company called Sweet Truth. We sampled it and it’s perfect for my family—they love sweet stuff.”




Derek Ho

25, Recruiter
“I love minimal style, and blending materials and soft textures. I bought this leather coat at Gap about 10 years ago. I bought a bunch of pins from Queenie’s today for friends and family. This one’s for me, though.”





Cassandra Ruff

25, Fashion student
“My style is quirky and kind of weird. This one-of-a-kind necklace is by Ruby Pilven. I got it on exchange in Melbourne and it makes me forget the winter. I met this awesome glass artist today named Marlena Szabo. We had a chat for about half an hour and then I bought this vase for my mom.”




Richard Ahnert

40, Artist
“I’d say my style is eclectic. I love this piece from Stew Jones. The texture, shapes, form and light are all great.”



George Miller

32, banker
“My look is all about relaxed streetwear. My partner makes fun of me because she says my glasses make me look like Trotsky. We’re looking for Christmas gifts for family. I’ve seen many budget-busting ideas so far.”



Mary Berg

26, Television personality
“I like timeless things I can wear over and over again. I do have a bunch of different pairs of glasses though. My shopping strategy is to strike attack. I was here another day this week and bought some pottery and a bunch of stuff in the food aisle.”




Tommy Penny

32, Tattoo artist
“I bought my shoes and my bandana in Japan. Today, I bought this case for my pencils. It’s from textiles company Hatchet Made.”




Haley Koehn

23, Designer
“I finally got the balls to wear pyjama pants in public. I bought some toffee and cocktail bitters today. I haven’t decided if they’re going to be gifts yet.”




Evan Kelly

22, Broadcast technician
“My look is streetwear that’s more put-together. I got ice wine jellies and jams. My friends recommended them, they buy them every year.”



Corina Clarin

36, Finance manager
“I like clothing with a personal story. This coat is vintage.”



Maxwell Clarin, 8

Corina (Maxwell’s mom): “Maxwell wears whatever he wants to. He’s looking at a board game and we’re talking about it. But I told him we have to look at everything before we decide.”



Christina Park

23, Server
“I like mixing vintage with modern pieces. I’m on a Christmas present hunt. I found some great leather bags that I may go back for.”





Tacha Wilks

27, Visual merchandiser
“I bought this bag from a Kickstarter campaign and the maker, Marie Cla Ro, is here. I bought a racoon T-shirt for myself, ceramic bowl from Montreal artist Hugo Didier and a bunch of wooden serving boards.”




Katie Redpath

25, Accountant
“I don’t like to think about my outfits too much. Today I bought this ceramic bowl for my dad. I love the colour—the shade is perfect for him.”