Street Style: The Interior Design Show’s opening night party

By Jean Grant| Photography by Gabby Frank

The Interior Design Show’s opening night party is an opportunity for the city’s design-obsessed population to ogle elaborate installations and imbibe many a cocktail. Last Thursday, the looks were all over the place: we spotted floor-length ballgowns and impeccable suits next to camo-printed sweatpants and casual cardigans. The only common vein? Creative, attention-grabbing accents. Here, a dozen of our favourite outfits:

Rajeev Bhatia

45, Trader “My style is a hodge-podge.”  

Paul Ste Marie

32, Fashion curator “I’m usually in bright colours because I like to stand out. Tonight is a casual, dressed-down look that’s seasonal and cozy. The hat is from Kensington Market and was a gift from a dear friend.”  

Jennifer O’Neil

47, Marketing consultant “I love coats. I always gravitate toward them, even when I’m shopping in warm climates. I bought this one on holiday in Florida.”  

Parambir Keila

35, Physician “I do what my wife tells me to, in terms of style. But I do like to play with colour palettes. The shirt reminds me of a pattern I see often in Indian textiles.”  

Natalia Mnat

29, Hair designer “I think the word ‘enigma’ sums up my personal style.”  

Samantha Rich

25, Creative production coordinator “I like weird stuff. I’m really into Japanese designers lately. The scarf and pants are both by Issey Miyake.”  

John Jenkin

50, CEO “I like to mix it up. I sign all my e-mails with ‘Enjoy idea contamination.’”  

Jack Creasy

28, Designer “My style is fun and sunny on weekends and designer-business during the week. Right now it’s a mixture of both. I bought this suit with my partner, he has a matching one in red.”  

Anjli Patel

32, Fashion lawyer “My look is routined. I know what I’m doing. I’m not standing in front of my closet every morning wondering what to wear. I look for really clean lines. Comfort is key, though. I love to wear my husband’s clothes—this is his jacket.”  

Amar Powar

31, Sales director “I like taking risks. This blazer is me learning how to wear something I bought for my 30th birthday in the summer, in the winter.”  

Jenn Rabanillo

39, Business owner “I dress how I feel. Today I’m obviously feeling chic and outgoing. My outfits tell a story of who I am—when I walk around I need to represent my bold personality.”  

Alysa Treen

37, Kinesiologist “I love Alexander Wang. I’ve always wanted a fur coat, and since I got this one last year I wear it whenever I have a chance.”


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