Street Style: George Brown College

Street Style: George Brown College

Thanks to the daily influx of students making the trek to George Brown’s east-end campus, the St. Lawrence neighbourhood has never been cooler. And with a mix of creative and business types enrolled in such diverse programs as culinary arts, makeup artistry, entrepreneurship and construction techniques, the neighbourhood’s 9-to-5 style is super eclectic. On the first truly chilly day of the season, we spotted students and professionals alike speedwalking between classes and coffee shops in oversized vintage coats, colourful knit scarves and funky accessories (plus more than a few dangling iPhone earbuds). Here are our favourite looks.


Krystal Chen

21, Studying hotel management at George Brown
“This jacket is a Korean brand.”



Will Tanner

29, Community worker
“I would say my style is a mix of outdoorsy and punk influences.”




Shuko Stopyra

35, pastry chef
“I wanted to bundle up today. My father owns a clothing shop so everything I wear is from there.”



Nazem Khaled

27, Studying digital marketing at George Brown
“I always wear all black.”




Daniella Wahking

21, Studying makeup artistry at George Brown
“My makeup style is pretty natural—lots of pretty browns and nudes. I went to a jewellery store and bought all these jump rings to put in my hair.”



Friedi Kleinberger

34, Studying culinary arts at George Brown
“I wear practical things with some jazz in them. The hat was given to me by a friend after I lost a similar one at a party up north.”



Eric Goldsmith

26, Product strategist
“Comfort is first and foremost to me. I buy things I respond to visually, but I can’t do anything that’s not comfortable.”



Dennis Pham

25, prospective business student at George Brown
“I’m influenced by fashion icons like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner—when she’s wearing menswear.”



Jessie Yin

21, Studying theatre at George Brown
“This is my mom’s old coat.”



Jennifer Merida

26, Studying makeup artistry at George Brown
“I usually wear a lot of black. Some days my style is more rocker-chic, other days it’s more basic.”



Tobi Martins

19, Studying construction trade techniques at George Brown
“My style is cool and out-there.”



Dezi Stamatakos

18, Studying makeup artistry at George Brown
“My style is normally quite edgy. I love spikes and leather.”



Vimal Sebastian

28, Studying business entrepreneurship at George Brown
“I’m on the more formal end of business casual.”