Street Style: The CNE

Street Style: The CNE

The city’s annual carnival is back, transforming Exhibition Place into a fun- and food-filled fairground for a fortnight. On opening weekend, the CNE grounds were packed with grownups indulging their inner children by gorging on rainbow-hued grilled cheeses, riding the Ferris wheel and vying for large plush toys (the poop emoji was a popular choice). Here, a few of the most playful, carnival-appropriate outfits—poop emojis included:

Mackenzie Loop

24, Student
“I work for Aritzia so most of my outfits are inspired by the store.”


Ralph Baldo

25, Carpenter
“My friend brought me this hat from Montreal today. And I won these prizes at basketball.”


Chelsea Panico

21, Hairstylist
“My style is creative. I like to wear what I want.”


Chris Hallim

23, Student
“I always wear comfy streetwear shoes. I love Adidas’ Tubular style. I won this necklace at the water game—it has pretty good odds.”


Brittney Fraser

25, Teacher
“I lived in Taiwan for five years so most of my outfit is from there.”


Ella Tsun

23, Lifeguard
“My look is athletic and edgy—and always a mix of my sister’s clothes and my own.”



Claudia Tanjung

23, Animator
“I like how this dress has pockets. I was going for a bit of a carny theme. I chose the poop emoji hat out of all the other prizes because it’s hilarious.”


Tiffany Cruz

23, Blogger
“I was supposed to have a shoot today but my photographer cancelled. I just threw on whatever was in my closet.”


Man Lin Fan

20, Student
“I bought this outfit in Korea.”


Tahiera Thomas

27, Hairdresser
“I just put on whatever I feel like.”


Izabela Maloney

45, Business owner
“I own a clothing boutique in London, so that’s where I get all my inspiration.”