Street Style: Evergreen Brick Works

Street Style: Evergreen Brick Works

The weekend farmer’s market at the Evergreen Brick Works seems especially rustic on the first days of fall, when visitors can check out the season’s bountiful harvest while sipping hot apple cider in their coziest apparel. Last weekend was no exception, and the city’s market-goers celebrated the cooler weather in plaid flannels, warm knits and fall footwear (though a few shoppers were still sporting shorts). Here, our favourite autumnal looks from the people who actually made it out of bed on a Sunday morning:



Ariel La Fayette

17, Student
“My style is very vintage-y. I love thrift stores. I got this shirt at Black Market, and these are my mom’s Tom Ford sunglasses.”



Ryan Ly, (with sons Quincy, 3, and Tyson, 5)

35, Operations manager
“We’re a big sneaker family. I always make sure the kids are in good kicks.”



Zoe Katsiris

23, Merchandiser
“My look is pretty easy-going, but I like to mix in a few statement pieces.”



Kevin Leblanc

48, Corporate photographer
“This is my trying-to-get-out-of-the-house-with-my-kids look.”




Naoko Okada (with daughter Miori Leblanc, 2)

38, Mom
“Miori loves shoes. And I love hats. We were going for comfy and warm looks today.”



Carlijn Lap

23, Lululemon educator
“These boots are from Stockholm. I wear them all year round.”



Jake Clelland

28, Sales person
“This is my comfy Sunday look. I’d describe my style as progressive.”



Jenna Scott

30, Entrepreneur
“I usually wear whatever I can grab from my husband’s closet. I broke my foot on our honeymoon.”



From left: Rachel Bodig (with son Heath Bohren, 2)

37, Teacher
“He gives the best stink-eye. My mom made us these matching sweaters.”



Osama Alshurafa

39, Marketing director
“My style is very laid-back, but I like things that are slightly different or a bit odd, like these pants.”