Street Style: Cherry blossom season in High Park

Street Style: Cherry blossom season in High Park

As anyone who’s scrolled through Instagram recently has probably realized, Toronto in the midst of its annual cherry blossom craze. And snapping the ultimate sakura selfie requires an outfit that’s slightly cooler than everyday park garb. We braved the High Park crowds to find the best-dressed bloom-viewers. Here, our favourite looks:


Jana Beaton

20, Photographer/artist
“I was going for a 1970s-inspired, carefree sunny day vibe. I was listening to Neil Young on the way over.”

Darshan Raveendran

21, Student
“I’m coming from my co-op job right now so these are my work clothes. I threw on some sneakers, though, because my dress shoes are really old—from prom, to be exact—and they kind of hurt my feet.”

Leah Liang

21, Student
“I love wearing comfy A-line dresses. My favourite brand is Aritzia.”


Leo Deng

21, Student
“I wear things that are special and catch people’s eyes. Like the little stuffed bear on my shoe; I bought it separately and attached it.”

Natasha Jorge

18, Student
“I like wearing large baggy clothes and bright colours.”


Yusei Eguchi

31, Student
“I like second-hand gear. I found this robe in Kensington Market.”

Aliya Grassia

19, Tour guide
“My style is called ‘broke.’ My tattoo artist Kurt Montgomery made this shirt.”

Purin Chan

24, Student
“I wanted to wear something girly and spring-themed today.”

Britney Bentick

23, Interior decorator/model
“I’m not feeling the best today, so I decided if I was going to feel like crap at least I’d look great.”

Liezl Joy

19, Student
“I’m really into modern and minimalist looks. I don’t love a lot of colour but I really love cherry blossoms.”

Kayla Bedi

19, Student
“I like to wear guys’ clothes but make them slightly more girly and comfortable. I’m currently wearing my brother’s pajama top that he gave me because it was too small for him.”

Lindsay Murrell, Todd Briscoe

33, Photo editor; student/contractor
Murrell: “I lean towards relaxed bohemian vibes: lots of embroidery, silky slips, lace and beat-up vintage leather. I just came from the office, so today was sort of a ‘wish I was in the band but I’m rocking a nine-to-five instead’ look.”

Briscoe: “My style is a mix of preppy skater and gentleman most of the time. My sister-in-law bought these boots for her ex-boyfriend at a thrift store and—luckily for me— they were one of the few things she kept after the breakup.”

Alina Spivak (with kids Mark and Alina)

26, Student
“I’m studying hairstyling and my school has an all-black dress code. Alina doesn’t like to wear girly things, and Mark loves anything with animals on it.”

Cheska Penafiel

24, Nurse
“I like classic and comfortable looks.”


June 20, 2017

This article has been modified from its original version.