Here’s what fans copped at the Kendrick Lamar pop-up store today

Here’s what fans copped at the Kendrick Lamar pop-up store today

While Kendrick Lamar was busy preparing for his show tonight at the Air Canada Centre, thousands of his humble fans congregated at his one-day-only pop-up shop in support of the Compton rapper’s latest album DAMN. Diehards lined up on Spadina as early as 5 a.m. in front of streetwear store Livestock. Lamar’s roving pop-up shop has been following him along his North American tour this summer, selling city-specific merchandise, T.D.E. Apparel and more.

Those waiting in the hours-long queue came from as far afield as Winnipeg. Inside, the space was sparsely furnished, with a handful of each item on display. Options included a black, white or red short-sleeve T.D.E. tee ($50), a Kung Fu Kenny long-sleeve tee ($65), and a black DAMN hoodie ($90).The exclusive black short-sleeve Toronto tees ($55) were snapped up quickest.


Kash Smiley

“He’s one of the greatest rappers of all time. I am in the front row at the concert tonight, so I need to show off some merch. I’m from Ajax so the commute wasn’t terrible.”


Christina Cheng

“I’m going to his concert tonight and again in August. It’s like I went Christmas shopping all in one place. I definitely spent over $300.”


Monika Roska

“Kendrick’s sound is the most unique in the world.”


Denise Jennings and Zach Litzgus

“He’s the best lyricist in rap. This album has touched so many lives. We drove down from Burlington at 6 a.m. this morning.”


Jared Debuque and Tyler Arcila

Jared (left): “The products are visually appealing and totally worth it.”

Tyler (right): “I wish I could’ve bought more. I can’t afford to go to the concert but at least I got a shirt.”


Kong Pham

“If you buy an artist’s merch, they’ll continue producing, and continue their art. This is the first and only pop up I’ll be going to. I’m a 905er, so the commute wasn’t so bad. How would I describe Kendrick? In one word: truth.”


Rahul Sarangal, Amanuel Isack and Sonil Tappia

Rahul (left): “I came from Winnipeg. This is a damn good album Kendrick. I spent $150. All worth it.”

Amanuel (centre): “I spent twice as much time in the line than on the airplane.”

Sonil (right): “Kendrick’s the GOAT.”


Sean Lacdan 

“I got here at 5a.m. It’s so rare that Kendrick is even here. I had to take advantage of that. What moves me so much is his message about educating kids. He’s changed the way the world perceives Compton.”


Trinity Regular and Jonathan Vergara

Trinity: “My budget was $200 but I went $75 over.”

Jonathan: “I spent $310. I’m carrying a lot of love today. I wouldn’t say Kendrick is a fashion icon but I think our parents experienced the same thing with different artists. They rep ACDC, Nirvana and other rock shirts around the house. I know I’ll be wearing Kendrick’s merch when I have a kid one day.”