Rental of the Week: $1,700 per month to live in a rebuilt garage in the Junction Triangle

Rental of the Week: $1,700 per month to live in a rebuilt garage in the Junction Triangle

Neighbourhood: Junction Triangle
Landlord: Jacob, last name withheld
Price: $1,700 per month

The place

A furnished apartment in a detached structure behind a family home in the west end.

The sleeping area is lofted above the kitchen and bathroom:


Space is at a premium here, so a two-seater dining table is probably the max:


The view from the bed:


The bathroom:


Ensuite laundry is always a plus:


The history

The owners bought their semi-detached house two and a half years ago. The property was their first, and they knew they needed some rental income in order to afford it. They decided to replace the house’s garage, which was nearly falling apart, with a backyard apartment. In the fall of 2015, they tore it down and hired an architect to design a new structure. Then they hung the drywall, tiled the bathroom, added a tiny kitchen and skylights, and installed a ductless heater and air conditioner. The renovation took about nine months. Last June, they posted the apartment on Airbnb, and it was booked through the summer. When interest waned in the fall, they decided to look for a longer-term tenant.

Major perk

Anyone who cherishes an unconventional living space will find plenty to love here. The interior has the basic shape of a garage (it even still has the overhead door), but the renovations give it the look and utility of a loft, complete with skylights and a 16-foot ceiling.

Possible deal breaker

Not everyone wants to live in such a small space. And—surprise, surprise—the suite isn’t legal, which is why the owners requested that we not publish their full names or address. And then there’s the fact that the kitchen doesn’t have a stove or oven, just a hot plate:


By the numbers

• $1,700 per month
• 400 square feet
• 1 bedroom
• 1 bathroom
• 0 ovens

The Hunt